We got Socks and they are latex-free and spandex-free!


We are please to tell you we have listened and acted on your request and we are happy to announce our new latex-free socks. Cottonique socks are made from 100% organic cotton and have no latex, no spandex, no bleaches, no dyes, and no formaldehyde.
Click here if you wish to purchase Cottonique socks.
Feel free to send us a reply and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions so we can serve even more of your needs.

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  • Mikee Mercader
Comments 8
  • Tricia

    What size would a women’s size 9 wear?

  • Cottonique Admin
    Cottonique Admin

    Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing up the trouble with the link. We’ve just updated the one in this article to our Socks section. :)

    You can also follow this direct link to our socks:


  • EB

    Link leads nowhere. I am interested in socks without lycra or spandex.

  • Ramsey

    Link leads nowhere. They seem to have been out of stock for some time.

  • Ruth Emanuel
    Ruth Emanuel

    I need to purchase two pairs of Cottonique socks medium size natural colour for my mother who loves your socks. When will you have more stock in ?

  • Need socks without spandex or lycra bands.  They cause rash and swelling.
    Need socks without spandex or lycra bands. They cause rash and swelling.

    see above. I want to purchase socks like you have demonstrated

  • Kelly Kirkpatrick
    Kelly Kirkpatrick

    Looking for socks just like this. Need for medical reasons. Socks with the latex or elastic bands make mu ankles break out and swell……

  • debbie

    i need to find these socks in a childs size 7.this is for medical pourposes.

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