Can you be allergic to your underwear?

04 October, 2010 16 comments Leave a comment

"Ok believe it or not this is a serious question,for a while now I have been very suspicious that I am allergic to my underwear.I will explain: Basically I kept experincing painful rashes after using my 90%cotton 10%lycra stretchy underwear.I had painful rashes on my private area including my bottom and wherever the elastic touched my skin including the leg creases.So I switched to 100%cotton underwear but of course they still have some elastic.It reduced the soreness and itching in the private area but still I was experiencing irritating rashes in the leg I started to go commando and the problem cleared up.However its not possible to go commando all the time so,yesterday i grabbed some underwear not realizing it was the stretchy kind and now I have a sore,painful and rashy private area.The same thing happens with my bras,i break out under my arms and on the sides where the bra touches my skin.does anyone know what I should do about this? is this an allergy??"



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  1. Brenda November 08, 2013

    I also a few months ago thought i had a yeast Infection was on meds so many times trying to clear it up. finally was asked by my doctor if i wear silk underwear and i was so i quit. Cleared up but now even if i wear Pants that are polyester i break out in the same areas as i did when i wore the silk underwear any one else still had this ? am i allegeric to Polyester ? thanks

  2. Paige D. September 17, 2013

    To mary-my 9 year old daughter made her First holy communion back in may and had to wear the full required communion outfit with rubber pants under the dress.I got her the plain white ones from a website and i to used baby powder on her when i put them on her.she had the rubber pants on for the entire day and before bedtime i took her outfit off of her and she to was broken out in a rash from the rubber pants.I got some regular diaper rash ointment and rubbed on her and it took care of the rash.

  3. mary June 06, 2013

    Our 15 year old daughter was never baptized as a baby so this past easter sunday we baptized her at easter vigil.We dressed her in the traditional white,poofy,above the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and the white ‘mary jane’ shoes.instead of the normal cloth diaper and rubber pants worn by the girls under their dresses,she wore just the white rubber pants next to her skin for the day.i sprinkled baby powder in them before she put them on and by the middle of the afternoon,she had a red rash all over hips and butt.we went to her room and she took the rubber pants off and i rubbed calamine lotion on her which helped,then put on a pair of white panties and then put the rubber pants back on over them and continued with her bed time the rash was pretty much gone,but she had two red rings from the leg openings of the rubber pants which the calamine lotion took care of also.

  4. Collette April 10, 2013

    I’ve got you guys beat. I just had surgery for the 2nd time on my breast. They say it is a topical bacteria that causes infection, the puss, then blood around the breast nipple area. They had to remove cysts from increased infection, itching, pain. I have decided to experiment in relation to the expensive bras I’m wearing made from polyurithane, nylon polymides and polyester. I too am large breasted and need good support. Help! i cant go without good support, i am a fashion DIVA. I wonder if I’m getting to the root of this problem 26,000 dollars later from surgery, since the Doctors cant seem to find the cure from this harmless, irratable topical bacteria.

  5. nia March 28, 2013

    I have the same problem is it an allergy

  6. lora February 02, 2013

    I am allergic to adhesives and I have a similar problem, so that might be your issue. Maybe they are from similar compounds?

  7. Lyssa Silver December 20, 2012

    Thanks for all your posts! I have the exact same problem! The stretchy rubber on my skin leaves raw rashes where it meets my skin. I have problems with socks, underwear and bras, but underwear the worst, probably because the skin there is much more sensitive. I also get contact rashes when plastic touches my skin, like when I have to carry up a number of grcoery bags to my apartment and the plastic bags hang off my arm. I also get rashes like I have been burned when I use skin adhesives like band aids, medical tape, or the patch. Thanks for this thread, helps me to understand I am not alone!!

  8. Amy Melissa Yano October 14, 2012

    I have the exact same problem as posted by Christian Morqueda on October 4th, 2010. I also have had to go Commando several times! Your problem Christian, is that probably not only are you allergic to LATEX, like me, but also most likely your also allergic to the chemicals called POLYURETHANE, and POLYETHYLENE , as well. I have been allergic to these two stretchy materials that are found are used in the stretchy “rubber” in all under garments, and stretchy pants, and bra’s elastic, since I was 8 years old. This has been a problem for me for 30 years now, too. Usually it is listed as 2 – 5 % ingredient to making the garment. Check it out for yourself before putting on another garment ever again, I know I have to !

  9. zerelda June 06, 2012

    Yes I have the excact same problem I itch an get a rash whenever I wear the polyester underwear I usualy apply vaseline to the area an wear cotton undies an it will clear up

  10. zerelda June 06, 2012

    Yes I have the excact same problem I itch an get a rash whenever I wear the polyester underwear I usualy apply vaseline to the area an wear cotton undies an it will clear up

  11. Lori April 15, 2012

    its a latex allery. my dr. told me

  12. Tabitha April 14, 2011

    I am having the same problem with my underwear, I started itching whenever I war my underwear with the lace on the elastic band and I brock out in little sorse my husband was worried so I went to the doctor and she didn’t know what to tell me. At first I didn’t know it was my underwear that was causing all the problems, but since it hurt and itched I stopped waring them and it started to clear up; so I put my underwear back on and I got the same thing. The only way I got ride of it was to stop waring underwear, know it seems every time I war any kind I get the same thing.

  13. sue February 17, 2011

    Same thing i break out wearing underwear and bras. I don’t know what to do?

  14. link exchange November 17, 2010

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  15. Cindy October 17, 2010

    This is happening to me too!!!! For me it is bras, socks and underwear. It never used to happen! I started looking at what the socks were made of and I was shocked. It was like my socks were all made from chemicals and nothing close to cotton. My worst issue if bras and I have tried SEVERAL brands. It’s not the brands, its what they use to make them. The rashes under my breasts hurt soooo much. I really should wear a bra all the time but sometimes, I am so red and sore, I have to go places without one and I feel embarrassed. Sometimes I wear my bra over a white tank top but it bunches all up and looks funny under the shirt. I see the bras they have here and I am wondering if they have large enough sizes. I am a PLUS size woman. I have to ask myself… what is happening to our clothes? What chemicals are we being exposed to through these clothes???

  16. Linja October 04, 2010

    I had a rash under my bra elastic and thought it was yeast but finally I realized it only happened when I wore a black bra. I was sensitive to the dye.