Latex-free Tube Socks (2-pack)

Perfect for users with latex and spandex allergy. This tube sock is made using circular knitting sock machines using organic natural cotton and developed without the use any synthetic materials. These socks have a natural baby rib on the top of the sock for a breathable contoured fit. They are best used for anyone who has skin allergies like Latex allergy, Spandex allergy, Eczema, A-topic dermatitis and Psoriasis. 

Note: These are fitted socks, which means they are contoured to fit your foot without bunching or bulging.

Please note that these products are untreated, for that reason they may have natural odors.  It is recommended to wash these products with a hypo-allergenic detergent before using.



Cottonique® Unisex Latex-free Socks (2 Pack):

  • Completely latex-free and spandex-free socks
  • Purified, organic cotton
  • Natural baby rib for contoured fit and maximum comfort
  • Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin

Ideal For:

  • Latex Allergy
  • Spandex Allergy
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Textile Dye Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Fungal Infections
  • Athletes foot
Reviews for Latex-free Tube Socks (2-pack)
4.8 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
Adri from Earth on Apr 03, 2014
They feel good to wear, but sag down on my leg too much and don't stay up. Would recommend them being sown much tighter and more so near the top as well so they don't sag. I like how they are elastic, latex free however, but can be improved.
Brad Morisoli from Livermore, CA on Jan 06, 2014
Socks work well.
Phyllis from USA on Jan 06, 2014
My Father loves his new Latex / Spandex free tube socks. They are comfortable for him to wear and, amazingly, they stay up. Glad you added them as a new product to your already great selection of allergy-free apparel. We will be ordering more and highly recommend them to others.
Frank from USA on Jan 02, 2014
For years I suffered from allergy to latex. It was just driving me crazy. I just couldn't stop scratching. The itch kept me awake at night.
Then I discovered Cottonique. After putting on their latex-free socks, the itching stopped overnight.
Now I wear the Cottonique socks every day and I never, never have an itch.
Thank you Cottonique!
Peter Z from Sanpoint, Idaho, USA on Dec 24, 2013
I am highly allergic to latex/elastic. I have been wearing the short version of your socks, which I like. However, they don't work with tall boots at all. I saw in your latest newsletter that you now have the tube socks available. I decided to give them a try. Boy, I am so thrilled. They are warm. They stay up. Keep up the good work.
John Silverman from Connecticut on Dec 16, 2013
"Purified, organic cotton" is all it says. Why doesn't it say "100% purified, certified organic cotton"? And why don't they say "no chemicals were used at all during the processing and manufacturing of these socks"? For a company that claims to be all about being allergy-free, I think these product pages need to be more communicative and explicit in their facts. It's too easy for companies to lie these days. I want to see Cottonique make bold claims and back up their claims with facts and pictures for us all to see. This company needs to be more transparent. Their customers deserve no less.
D Kittredge from NYC on Dec 15, 2013
Very comfortable. The socks stay up without any elastic or latex.
Jean Freddolino from Sedro Woolley WA. on Dec 14, 2013
I am latex intolerant. I bought the smaller socks from Cottonique and they were OK. But they did not go up far enough to keep my shins warm. I am a heart patient and am always cold at the extremities. I had asked Cottonique to make a latex free sock that was longer for a couple of years. They finally came through with their new Tube socks. They keep my shins warm and they don't fall down around my ankles. I highly recommend this product.
Sarah from Indiana on Dec 14, 2013
It felt like being barefoot but warm! The size was comparable to 'regular' socks. I love them!