Women's Drawstring Bra

There are 2 pairs of support drawstrings for sizes: 34B, 36B, 38B. 
There are 3 pairs of support drawstrings for sizes: 38C, 40C, 42C and 42DD
• Chemical-free, Synthetic-free, 100% Organic cotton fabric
  Adjustable straps
• Rib fabric at the back to provide more flexibility
Innovation is our middle name! We are proud of this one! Our single jersey bra with no nasty metal hooks or stretch marks from coarse elastic. Designed to provide comfort and support, utilizing an adjustable cotton drawstring below the bust line. 
Cottonique® Women's Latex-Free Drawstring Bra with upper tie :
• Completely latex-free for sensitive skin 
• Purified organic cotton process 
• Double-layered cotton lining 
• Irritation-Free label for sensitive skin 
• Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin 
Ideal For:

• Sensitive Skin 
• Latex Allergy 
• Contact Dermatitis 
• Textile Dye Dermatitis
• Eczema 
• Psoriasis
Reviews for Women's Drawstring Bra
3.8 out of 5, based on 17 reviews
Samantha from USA on Jan 22, 2014
thank you for making this bra. it worked for me.
Elizabeth from Towson, MD on Dec 10, 2013
I have been wearing strapless bras because of a medical condition and ran into an itchy reaction to one, then another, and my allergist recommended a cotton bra. I tried this one first and found that since there really is not a strapless option it did not irritate my shoulder too much as the straps are soft and flexible. I was able to adjust the bra to fit me better, did not have to keep adjusting it all day, like my strapless varieties. The itch also was not a problem. I really like the softness of the cotton too. I went and ordered a few more cotonique bras too that I found on another site which were available as I liked this one so much.
Linda from Rochester. NY on Nov 12, 2013
For years I would suffer by the end of the day itching all over because of a piece of non cotton fabric installed on a cotton bra plus elastics. None of the cotton bras are 100% cotton in the stores. So for this I love this bra.
There are a few improvements that need to be made. The drawstring on the bottom should be a little longer. With the 2 top strings I am able to make a bow. The lowest drawstring is too short to make a bow so I have to tie as a square knot. So it makes it harder to tie to adjust so one time I made it too tight so that by evening I was itching where I made it too tight. Also it is a little harder to untie a square knot so I wish the string was longer. Maybe if the drawstring was flat instead of round I would be able to wear it a little tighter.
Also the plastic clasps that hold the bra and straps together are too wide. I think about ¼ inches less would look nicer.
After wearing the bra about a week or two the seam came off the top tie. (There are 2 seams holding down the tie. The seam that came apart was closes to the edge so that when I put the bra on it was not adjusted right. I was able to sew the seam and fixed it.
Ricki from Florida on Oct 21, 2013
It is wonderful to be able to wear a bra without itching and having a rash. For an improvement, I would have the cup seam not go over the center of the breast-over the nipple. That somewhat irritates the breast tissue. Over all, I am grateful and ecstatic to be wearing your bra.
Toby from Hawaii on Oct 19, 2013
Not effective for big-busted women!
After discovering I'm allergic to rubber products, I bought this bra as my first attempt to address the problems with irritation I was having. I'm a 36 size G cup. The bra's cups are too small and the strings can't be tightened enough to provide support without uncomfortably cutting into my chest.
Sharon from Australia on Sep 10, 2013
I am really happy with the purchase. An excellent fit, considering I'm normally a difficult fit. They feel great to wear. Love that they're all cotton. Thanks for making these. Please keep extending your range! On behalf of those of us with multiple allergies, we really appreciate all your effort. I would love you to develop a drawstring, all cotton half-slip petticoat. :)
Mary from Atlanta on Sep 02, 2013
This is a great bra, once you get it on. But it takes about 15 minutes to tie everything up and then adjust the straps. It feels amazing, and the cotton is soft and completely irritation free. It's just that it's a huge hassle. Also, after just a few wears, I can tell that the ties will eventually wear out and break. There has to be a better way.
Anonymous from Wisconsin on Aug 31, 2013
I've struggled my entire life with being irritated by synthetic materials, particularly the thread with which clothes are sewn. Bras are the worst. This bra overcomes that problem, but the drawstring design isn't the most comfortable. In the few times I've worn it so far, it seems like the strings are going to pull off. I do like that it closes in the front, but I think I'd like snaps better. I did want to order a different style, but so many styles were out of stock.
Angela from Weymouth, MA on Aug 29, 2013
I am a 42DD. This is the only bra that was in my size. The material is wonderful but there is no support and the ties pull & stick out. I would love to try the clasp bra but it is not made in my size. I would like to see if there is a way to have us larger girls have a few more choices. When I am breaking out I will be happy to wear this bra regardless of how it looks! I am happy there is at least one bra that can provide relief for my allergy.
Anonymous from USA on Jul 08, 2013
Love my new drawstring bra. I am wondering if it would be possible to have the bottom drawstring (or all of them) made with a flat piece of cotton "ribbon" rather than the bulkier string style? The bottom drawstring would feel more comfortable against my body if it were flat.

By the way, it's so nice to be able to finally wear a bra that doesn't make me feel like there's a rubber band strangling my torso!
Darlene from California on Jun 15, 2013
I got my bras and I just love them. They have been the only ones I have found that I can wear comfortably. I am much happier now that they have 3 ties. The fit is better and the ties don't break as fast. Only downside is that they can show under clothes.
Terri Schroder from Sterling Heights, Michigan on May 28, 2013
I finally got my new cotton bra. It was worth the wait. I purchased the 100% cotton front drawstring bra and it feels wonderful. I have not been able to wear a bra for over 7 years. I am highly sensitive to latex and spandex and every other bra on the market has these two things in them in one form or another. I only ordered this one so that I could try it out and see how I liked it. I will be buying more for certain.
Ronalyn Hurley from Texas on Apr 10, 2013
It's great to have a bra that doesn't cause a rash and I understand that the nature of a 100% cotton bra does not allow for much support, especially for my size (38C). This is the second style I have tried from Cottonique. The first had the clasps and I sent it back because it was too bulky, the seams were too pronounced and it didn't fit at all. The Drawstring Bra is no better. The sides of the cups gap and my breasts just spread out plus, the ties seriously limit what I can wear. A smaller breasted woman might have better luck.
Heaher from Asheville, NC on Mar 18, 2013
I recently ordered a drawstring bra. It is so great to have a bra that doesn't irritate my skin. I ordered 36B expecting it to only have 2 drawstrings but it actually has 3 drawstrings. It is advertised as having 2 drawstrings. This is the size I typically wear but is a little large on me. It does fit a little better now that I have washed it but still a little large. The seam across the cups bunches a little. It works as long as I wear an extra tank top or cami over the bra then my clothes. Otherwise you can see the seam of the cups bunching and the drawstrings.
Linda from Private on Dec 03, 2012
No Irritation! I recently ordered the cotton drawstring bra and I love it! It fits well without cutting into me or causing skin irritation. It is the only bra I can wear that doesn't cause skin irritation. Thank-you!
Kelly from Private on Feb 21, 2012
Thank you Cottinique! After starting to have problems with allergies, I am grateful to find some clothing that does not have spandex & latex in.
lyn from Private on Jan 04, 2012
Would be better in a size 32 I measure to a size 32D. I ordered the smallest size of 34B. It was too big around the ribcage. If I pull the bunching around the ribcage to the back, it fits a little bit better. The cups are OK, but end up a little to close together. This also makes the straps closer together and less likely to get covered by a shirt.