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July 02, 2014 — Admin Cottonique



oybusukhjg said:

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Siham said:

I can definitely take you bra snhopipg. I know we have dramatically different sized boobs, but I’ve been professionally fitted enough times that I know what makes a good fit and where to go to get someone who can measure you properly.

Cottonique Admin

Cottonique Admin said:


Hi! So sorry to hear about your difficulties. Have you tried checking out our products on Amazon? We sometimes have stock there that isn’t available on our site.

Here’s the link to the drawstring boxer briefs on Amazon, for your convenience:

Best of luck to you! :)

Cottonique Admin

Cottonique Admin said:

@Norman Barry Gross:

Hi Norman! Thank you for your input. We’ve forwarded your comments to R&D and see what we can do about your request. :)

Cottonique Admin

Cottonique Admin said:


Hi Sharon! So sorry to hear that you received the email late. We’re currently looking into our system and trying to find out why that happened. Rest assured that we’ll figure things get the info to you in a timely manner next time! :)

Cottonique Admin

Cottonique Admin said:

@Willie Mae Brooks:

Hi! Our largest bra size is 44DD. We recommend the queen sized bras for larger sizes. You can check them out here:

Thanks! :)


Sharon said:

I get notice of the July sale after the dates expire???

Willie Mae Brooks

Willie Mae Brooks said:

I do need a larger size in the bras. What is your largest size.

Norman Barry Gross

Norman Barry Gross said:

I wear your t-shirts every day. Since they are just undershirts, I wear a regular short-sleeved
shirt over them. How I wish you again offered a hypoallergenic polo-type shirt. I had only purchased one years ago and did not order more because that shirt was too small. I should have known that since your t-shirts run small, that the polo would too. If they were ever offered again I would purchase the large size in a large quantity as I grow weary of always having to wear a short-sleeved, collared shirt over my t-shirts. I don’t know if a seam on the inside of the t-shirts would cause me a problem or not…but that might be a possible way for me to not have to try to find a polo shirt.

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