Latex-Free Socks


Two satisfied customers posted testimonials about their Latex-Free Cottonique Socks experience:

By Amy on 12/24/2009

“The only socks that I have been able to wear.”

”Allergic to Latex Spandex Elastic so every sock Ive tried gave me a rash. these socks are truly allergy free! But I am gona warn ya there not what I wouod concider sexy looking, but neither is an allergic reaction. money well spent.”


 By James on 12/23/2009

“I can wear socks. Either way. These are worth it. Other latex free socks have a little spandex in them. These are nice cuz they don’t have any elastic in them. Great job cottonique.”

To buy Latex-free socks online, visit! You comments and testimonials are always welcome. Feel free to surf our website.

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  • Mikee Mercader
Comments 2
  • Gloria Byrne
    Gloria Byrne

    At these prices I can’t afford feet!!

  • yvonne

    I can’t believe the prices on these items. Cotton is cheap-very cheap.
    This company is just like others trying to take advantage of people with medical problems. It’s not enough that we have to spend more on medications for our allergies but these companies want our last dime.
    I will continue with my current preventative measures
    thanks a lot

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