Can you be allergic to your underwear?


"Ok believe it or not this is a serious question,for a while now I have been very suspicious that I am allergic to my underwear.I will explain: Basically I kept experincing painful rashes after using my 90%cotton 10%lycra stretchy underwear.I had painful rashes on my private area including my bottom and wherever the elastic touched my skin including the leg creases.So I switched to 100%cotton underwear but of course they still have some elastic.It reduced the soreness and itching in the private area but still I was experiencing irritating rashes in the leg I started to go commando and the problem cleared up.However its not possible to go commando all the time so,yesterday i grabbed some underwear not realizing it was the stretchy kind and now I have a sore,painful and rashy private area.The same thing happens with my bras,i break out under my arms and on the sides where the bra touches my skin.does anyone know what I should do about this? is this an allergy??"



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  • Christian Morqueda
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  • PM

    If you are using dryer sheets, try doing a few loads of laundry without them. That cleared up a skin problem that my wife had…she’d tried all sorts of other things, but stopping the dryer sheets did the job.

  • Everetttew

    The word of honour.

  • jeff

    i got a issue with elastic, I never would of thought the elastic in my underwhere, and suspenders would cause me so much greef.cutting to the chase I was told I had sciatica,and beleave me it had all the symtoms,but as days and months went on the suspenndes I wear x in the back and straight down the front left a burning feeling the u/wear the same. SO as of today no suspenders and ive turned the elastis away from my skin and used my eppi pen to speed up the prosses to recovery

  • Dave

    Idk if I missed a previous comment that already addressed this, dont thk so… I’m certain that the main consistent problem we got is any cheap foreign cotton products from large discount stores and primarily originating from mainly Asian cotton farms, as I believe they r not only discounted but just about only major region still pumping out the horrible evil mistake of the century, the GMO called BT cotton.. prob heard some bizaare controversies still surround BT cotton.. Monsatan(Who else?) sold it all India and Africa and Malaysia, etc.. right before it became known that not only was this evil crap having health affects of significance among those who handle /farm it but the whole genetic splicing benefit of their gene altering witchcraft sorceries n which there demonic spawn( GMO BT cotton) owed it’s insecticudal toxicity and defense to bollworm and many other threats, and this miracle was the supposed genius answer 4 future of pesticide management n all farmed products that suffer pests, and thats all crops.. they said this endotoxin gene they got from bacillus bacteria and added into their demon cotton and corn was not 2 b overcome anytime soon for sure. The bacteria hadn’t been overcome so no worry, they got it.. well. No, wrong it’s all useless and lost any protection it once had. N fact seems no insecticide effect now on any pests and on top of all that.. the human resistance to the endotoxin they put n our clothes that they ensured we could even eat the cotton w no prob… well no, seems it’s toxic and allergic 2 alot or very least some like those of us here, and simply w skin contact many have sever reactions! I’m ashamed/embarassed 2 admit this, but truth is.. I’m an ex i.v. drug user and almost 10 yrs ago, I one day unknowingly used my first GMO BT cotton 2 filter wut i then put direct n bloodstream to instantly have the worst 8 hrs of total body reactive episode w crippling organ and total body pain. I passed out and woke up drenched w sweat and it took me 12 hrs 2 fully recover… i thought i got hotshot or target dosed w battery acid.. It took a repeat incident and study and simply took awhile 2 learn that the cotton was the guilty party.. and that i injected bacterial toxins and even pathogenic organism of some form that was alive and spreading like any infection does and also leavin it’s toxins a ll over my whole entire biologic systems… I mean I did the worst thg one could do w such a thg… I just didn’t know I was doing it at time.. well fast forward 8 yrs , I’ve been sick ever since but emerging and recovering wut turned into a systemic chronic illness and symptomatic condition.. I was truly quite sick w autoimmune disease, endocrine and cardiovascular dysfunction. Anemia, metabolic syndrome, numerous nutritional defiencys.. it dusted me up good n proper. Lol. Yes.. and imagine u have 2 share that w a doctor and try 2 heal and b treated effectively and avoid nut house. it’s all there 2 look into , not like i got all the answers but i assure u the allergic contact dermatitis observed predominantly n groin, ass, inner and back of thighs, as well I get issues n feet from socks.. I assure u it’s from our skin exposure to everpresent transgenic bacterial endotoxins associated w this BT cottn.. if u notice the higher quality cotton will b totaly didferent as any 2 cottons could get and u won’t have any skin issue either with it cuz it’s not BT cotton strain. Believe it or don’t.. yet it’s the reason 4 the rhyme.. atleast n this song

  • clarice

    Our daughter is 14 and was a flowergirl in a cousins wedding last november anf the the bride had her in a white,poofy,sleeveless,midthigh length flowergirl dress with the veil,tights and white slippers.When i dressed her,i put a size 8 pampers on her with a pair of rubberpants over them that she wore under her tights.Half way thru the wedding dance she told me the pampers were itching her,so i had her take it off and she wore the rubberpants under her tights.when we got home she had a rash on her tush from the rubberpants.

  • K

    Have you been tested for a latex allergy?

  • Dubs

    I’m a guy and have the same problems, wearing whitey tighties is pretty hard on my health, the best solution is to go without. The thing about male underwear, particularly the Hanes brand that I wear, is that the various elastic practically wraps around the body’s lower lymph nodes, and if something is wrong with the elastic in this area, I get strange symptoms. I’m pretty positive it’s not a latex allergy, but a combination of hard water, using too much detergent, the potential for mold/mildew growth, and any cross contamination happening in between.

    Using less detergent should help, but I’d soak the laundry in a bucket of white vinegar to restore them first. Use vinegar in the washer only to clean the washer itself of soap scum, not with clothes inside, otherwise soap scum will wash off on your laundry and further complicate things.

    I often soak my clothes in buckets of Oxiclean to help get any molds out, then wash as normal, assuming the washer is free of soap scum, mold contamination, and less detergent (powder preferred) is being used.

  • Selena

    Hi everyone i had the same prob as a baby and my mom used cloth diapers and it helped me as a baby. Now that i’m older . it’s happens with the elastic again i try not to use soap aroun my top are bottom areas and i use A &D oniment under my breast and that seems to help . but i learned all about the itch and its not fun and cornstach is a big help and prob the oatmeal bath may help some of you i’m no dr. But u may get a little relief

  • Faye

    Just wanted to add that I get a rash from socks, bra and undies—cottonique undies are better than regular undies but I still can’t wear them indefinitely. When at home, I always go commando—no bra or underwear. Although not in the medical field, I buy scrubs (used on eBay) to wear at home. They are loose and comfy. Even the ones that have like 45% polyester don’t bother me (which is odd) but I think it is because they are roomy. I will definitely cut a pair off to garden in this summer. I also have found some ok looking 100% cotton drifter sweaters at Land’s End and 100% silk tops at (wait for their sales)—check out the cotton/silk blends at and the cotton clothes at Norm

  • Barbara

    I have found that wearing underwear and bra inside out greatly reduces itchy rash from elastic. Already switched to boy shorts underwear and that helped. Vinegar in rinse cycle instead of fabric softener helped too. I am now allergic to latex, and never had any problems for 68 years.

  • pete

    My wife at one time became very sensitive to anything she wore as well as the bedsheets, and we tried several things to solve the problem. It turned out that it went away when we quit using fabric softener in the washer. I don’t know if that would solve the problems of others, but it is an easy thing to try.

  • Ann Nonymous
    Ann Nonymous

    The health food store told me to buy this ointment for the bra rash – it’s called Nutribiotic Skin Ointment with 2% Grapefruit Seed Extract.

  • Debora
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  • MIchele

    Cotton unless organic contains the weed killer glysophate. Been found in tampons sanitary pads toilet paper and cotton clothing. Beware!!!

  • debbie

    Reading through your issues as I am quite convinced I am allergic to underwear – something in them – but my symptoms are different. I have no itching, only burning, intense burning from my rectum all the way up and that in turn mimics the symptoms of a bladder infection – urgency to pee, dribble pee and this continues until I remove the underwear. I feel perfectly fine…today Easter Sunday I made it through church and was about to go to dinner with friends and realized it was all acting up again. I am at my wits end and will spend tomorrow trying to see doctors and/or talk to nurses to get to the bottom of this…I will gladly go without underwear, but I have had issues with leaking so that’s not really an answer. Anyone one with similar issues as mine, I would love to hear from.

  • Ruthless Brat 777
    Ruthless Brat 777

    I thought I am the only one getting such painful rashes. And nowadays it has become more painful due to very hot weather+workout sessions. For me the best remedy is DIY pure cotton underwear. I left wearing them for a quite long period of time, but for few past months I am facing these rashes again. I am allergic to allopathic medicines, so I don’t take any medication, and natural remedy works best for me(Ayurveda takes time but works the best)

  • Sallie

    Yes, I have had all those issues described and thought it was just me.
    Over the years LATEX has been the worst but I am allergic to underwear as well. I have tried everything. However PLAIN CORN STARCH is still a great healer to put underneath the breasts before putting on the bra.
    Desitin is a good product for irritation in the rectal area.
    Other tips are— use cool water when cleansing genital and rectal area because very warm water can irritate the sensitive vaginal and rectal area creating an environment for yeast infections.
    Do not douche or use soapy bath products— they cause vaginal irritation.
    Change feminine pads as often as needed because excessive moisture creates an environment for yeast and other bacteria.
    Be careful with feminine hygiene and using public toilets.
    Purchase ALCOHOL FREE moisture wipes.
    Cranberry juice capsules 500mg twice a day may help to protect against bladder infections. The Cranberry capsules are a holistic product— not a chemical.
    It is an ongoing mission to check the chemical contents of feminine pads— companies change their product— and some have more adhesive ( latex) on the bottom of the pads. Gone are the days when feminine pads were soft and form fitting. Well known manufacturers are producing harsh and very uncomfortable pads with more chemical components from parts of the world where quality control is not always an issue. These feminine pads result in more misery and more infections for women.

  • DIanne   JAckson
    DIanne JAckson

    I have eczema, allergic to latex, in my underwear area itching breaking out. I have cortisone Creme for hands , can I use in that area?

  • Amelia

    I hv been allergic to everything under the sun. The torment of wearing bras, panties, even socks is painful. I hv idiopathic urticaria since a baby. Latex, elastic, rubber, you name it. I am taking the highest dose of xolaire which is thousands of dollars a month with anti-viral medications to combat the autoimmune problems land allergies. The occasional hive or rash can be an allergic reaction but if it’s consistent it is by medical definition hives or urticaria are flare ups from something more serious causing an inflammatory reaction to those chemicals. The long short of it is that we hv grown up w/these products & our bodies shld hv built up a defense but instead it doesn’t hv the antibodies or cell defense to do their jobs. Unfortunately after a million google searches there is NOTHING out there. Whoever said there should be products available, you are right. I don’t wear socks- unless I hv to. I will walk out in uggs, or Hanes underwear & one day I will be ok, the next not. No matter what I end up with hives covering my body. It is pure hell & torture. Unfortunately buying cheaply is the way stores go these days. My best advice is to not skimp on clothing of any kind. It will get worse. The food you eat, clean eating (very hard & expensive sadly,) & don’t go to Victoria’s Secret. Spend your money wisely in a department store, don’t wear cheaper clothing, colder baths. I have had to give up going to the gym, drinking alcohol, dyes, msg, everything that is not easy! I am so sorry we hv to go through this. I can pass some of the research I hv done re: what chemicals or fabrics are the worst popping up in allergy clinics. Good Luck! I will compose that list somehow & share it (not sure how on here)
    To all sick of painful rashes- we must demand as consumers what we need.
    Best of Luck!

  • Jojan

    I have the same issue, started with a rash where the elastic of my underwear met my skin. Went for intensive allergy testing at a dermatological patch test clinic, turns out I am allergic to chemicals that are used as a rubber accelerator, namely “Thiuram Mix” and “Mercaptobenzothyazole”. These ingredients are commonly found in elastic in clothing, like panties, bras, bathing suits, stretchy jeans, foam eye make up sponges, the lining in boots and shoes, my ear buds for my phone, even condoms! It is in so many things, it is scary. I get flare ups with some brands of underwear, a horrible rash that splits my skin open and even has my skin peeling. Doctor thus far has prescribed a 2.5% hydrocortisone cream to treat the symptoms, but sadly, the only true “cure” is to avoid contact with irritants. Makes for extremely challenging shopping trips! Have spent a fortune on underwear and bathing suits, trying to find a brand that does not irritate my skin. Seems to get better in the summer when I can be in a pool and out in the sun, and gets worse in winter, the skin has less chance to air out, so the rash gets worse. If someone has heard of a truly hypoallergenic line of underwear, would love to learn more! Cause no one in the stores has any clue what the ingredients are in the elastic on clothing! Anyone know of research being done for this? I know the doctor at the patch test clinic said this allergy was becoming more and more common!

  • clarice

    We have a new adopted 14 year old daughter and started her off right away in the size 8 pampers cruisers diapers with toddler size rubberpants over them during the day time and at bed time we do the cloth diapers with adult size rubberpants over them.We recently had to switch her to the cloth diapers during the day time as she was breaking out in rashes from the pampers.Some one told us that the rashes could have been from her having the tight fitting toddler rubberpants over the pampers,so we tried a pair of her adult size rubberpants over the pampers,but she still got the rash.

  • Dusty

    ok. im having the same issue. started awhile back, never really had problems much. now it’s gone haywire. elastic touches me, legs from the underwear or my cute bra’s, no matter. elastic is causing huge grief. what i’d like to know … WHAT’S the SOLUTION, … ? i want underwear, … long cute briefs ? where can you buy them, what are they really called, HELP !!! lol this is all greek to me. does anyone have an idea of what kind of underwear style would work, ? i wear riding breeches so they have to be brief type but i’d like the legs to go further down, … . ANY IDEAS where to get such a beast ? at least i could keep the elastic out from between my legs, ..cripes. this sux !!! im open to shopping suggestions… ?

  • Mammy 2
    Mammy 2

    His people I had this problem a long time I tested and it came back I’m allergic to elastic that’s in all 100percent cotton silk and nylon wish for someone to design good underwear and sell it would make some dough as another seem to have this problem.

  • Lauretta Baldwin
    Lauretta Baldwin

    I have the same issue when I wear the panties with the elastic in the creases of my legs itch really bad so I stopped wearing them. I know where the boy shorts with no elastic and there are some lazy ones as well. As soon as I I forget and we’re the ones with the elastic it comes back lets me know I’m allergic to I love the elastic in the panties or what the pennies are made of. So try the boy shorts

  • Donna

    A friend of our daughters age 11 still regularly wets the bed and the most comfortable and workable solution her parents could find was a double cloth diaper and plastic pants. Tis worked well for awhile than the girl started to develop a rash where the plastic pants touched her skin. After some trial and error the solution was to have the girl put regular cotton panties on over the diapers and than the plastic pants on over everything. Voila no more rash.

  • Gina

    When I got married, I had a friend hint to me that i should avoid bleach and fabric softener on the underwear load. And My hubby did some laundry for me and didn’t know that. Had an awful rash. Almost as bad as the time he sat in poison oak and through those cloths in the laundry without mentioning it to me. I react to everything. He reacts to nothing LOL

  • Suzie Gibbs
    Suzie Gibbs

    What’s the best remedy to ease the pain. I’m in agony.

  • joe

    i am a man and i break out the same way using the cotton underware i found out it was from the underware
    so i’m still looking for a fix problem

  • Margaret Hallaway
    Margaret Hallaway

    I am allergic to the elastic in my under garments as soon as they touch my skin I break out in a bad rash that itches terrible. What can I do???

  • Rebekah Baharestan
    Rebekah Baharestan

    Check plastic and elastic allergy reactions for octylisothiazolinone allergy related to the methylisothiazolinone , benzisothiazolinones ( both biocide preservatives used in cosmetics , household cleaners, laundry detergents and latex/ pvc plastucs manufacturing processes. The isothiazolinones will nit be in any clothing labels and sometimes not listed in cleaning products either .also used in new clothing treatments to keep from mildew. Also
    In all latex paints

  • Terra

    With the same bras and same panties I’ve worn for quite a while… and no change of laundry detergent either , I NOW itch every where the elastic is touching me in the last month … why would I be allergic now? Thank you

  • Esperanza

    Hey I wanna go commando

  • Mama Moon
    Mama Moon

    You sick people talking about young girls and rubber pants need to get off here!!! I was raised Catholic, and there is NO REQUIREMENT for any kind of undergarments for communion or confirmation.

  • Sheryl G.
    Sheryl G.

    My 14 year old daughter was the ‘little’ flower girl in her nieces wedding last october and wore a cute,poofy,white,above the knees little flower girl style dress with a veil,lace anklets and white shoes.I did white rubberpants with pink ruffles acroos the back on her under her dress and even tho they fit her a little loose,she got a mild rash from them during the wedding dance.I ttok her to the rest room and rubbed lotion on the rash and she continued wearing the rubberpants for the rest of the day.

  • Dianne L.
    Dianne L.

    I did a pair of pastel pink rubberpants on my 13 year old daughter under her cute easter dress.she wore them all day easter sunday and they didnt bother her at all.

  • Stephanie L.
    Stephanie L.

    To paige and mary-My daughter whos 14 and in the 8th grade went thru her catholic confirmation last September.Per the parish dress code all the girls had to wear poofy white dresses and veils with tights and white mary jane shoes.Each girl was then given a pair of white teen size rubber pants that they had to wear under their tights by the parish,the rubberpants my daughter was given fit her somewhat loose thankfully,but the tights pressed them against her skin and by the end of the day she too had a mild rash.she did alot of walking around at her party and i think the rash was from the rubber pants holding in her body heat.I took care of the rash by using desitin on her before bedtime,

  • Brenda

    I also a few months ago thought i had a yeast Infection was on meds so many times trying to clear it up. finally was asked by my doctor if i wear silk underwear and i was so i quit. Cleared up but now even if i wear Pants that are polyester i break out in the same areas as i did when i wore the silk underwear any one else still had this ? am i allegeric to Polyester ? thanks

  • Paige D.
    Paige D.

    To mary-my 9 year old daughter made her First holy communion back in may and had to wear the full required communion outfit with rubber pants under the dress.I got her the plain white ones from a website and i to used baby powder on her when i put them on her.she had the rubber pants on for the entire day and before bedtime i took her outfit off of her and she to was broken out in a rash from the rubber pants.I got some regular diaper rash ointment and rubbed on her and it took care of the rash.

  • mary

    Our 15 year old daughter was never baptized as a baby so this past easter sunday we baptized her at easter vigil.We dressed her in the traditional white,poofy,above the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and the white ‘mary jane’ shoes.instead of the normal cloth diaper and rubber pants worn by the girls under their dresses,she wore just the white rubber pants next to her skin for the day.i sprinkled baby powder in them before she put them on and by the middle of the afternoon,she had a red rash all over hips and butt.we went to her room and she took the rubber pants off and i rubbed calamine lotion on her which helped,then put on a pair of white panties and then put the rubber pants back on over them and continued with her bed time the rash was pretty much gone,but she had two red rings from the leg openings of the rubber pants which the calamine lotion took care of also.

  • Collette

    I’ve got you guys beat. I just had surgery for the 2nd time on my breast. They say it is a topical bacteria that causes infection, the puss, then blood around the breast nipple area. They had to remove cysts from increased infection, itching, pain. I have decided to experiment in relation to the expensive bras I’m wearing made from polyurithane, nylon polymides and polyester. I too am large breasted and need good support. Help! i cant go without good support, i am a fashion DIVA. I wonder if I’m getting to the root of this problem 26,000 dollars later from surgery, since the Doctors cant seem to find the cure from this harmless, irratable topical bacteria.

  • nia

    I have the same problem is it an allergy

  • lora

    I am allergic to adhesives and I have a similar problem, so that might be your issue. Maybe they are from similar compounds?

  • Lyssa Silver
    Lyssa Silver

    Thanks for all your posts! I have the exact same problem! The stretchy rubber on my skin leaves raw rashes where it meets my skin. I have problems with socks, underwear and bras, but underwear the worst, probably because the skin there is much more sensitive. I also get contact rashes when plastic touches my skin, like when I have to carry up a number of grcoery bags to my apartment and the plastic bags hang off my arm. I also get rashes like I have been burned when I use skin adhesives like band aids, medical tape, or the patch. Thanks for this thread, helps me to understand I am not alone!!

  • Amy Melissa Yano
    Amy Melissa Yano

    I have the exact same problem as posted by Christian Morqueda on October 4th, 2010. I also have had to go Commando several times! Your problem Christian, is that probably not only are you allergic to LATEX, like me, but also most likely your also allergic to the chemicals called POLYURETHANE, and POLYETHYLENE , as well. I have been allergic to these two stretchy materials that are found are used in the stretchy “rubber” in all under garments, and stretchy pants, and bra’s elastic, since I was 8 years old. This has been a problem for me for 30 years now, too. Usually it is listed as 2 – 5 % ingredient to making the garment. Check it out for yourself before putting on another garment ever again, I know I have to !

  • zerelda

    Yes I have the excact same problem I itch an get a rash whenever I wear the polyester underwear I usualy apply vaseline to the area an wear cotton undies an it will clear up

  • zerelda

    Yes I have the excact same problem I itch an get a rash whenever I wear the polyester underwear I usualy apply vaseline to the area an wear cotton undies an it will clear up

  • Lori

    its a latex allery. my dr. told me

  • Tabitha

    I am having the same problem with my underwear, I started itching whenever I war my underwear with the lace on the elastic band and I brock out in little sorse my husband was worried so I went to the doctor and she didn’t know what to tell me. At first I didn’t know it was my underwear that was causing all the problems, but since it hurt and itched I stopped waring them and it started to clear up; so I put my underwear back on and I got the same thing. The only way I got ride of it was to stop waring underwear, know it seems every time I war any kind I get the same thing.

  • sue

    Same thing i break out wearing underwear and bras. I don’t know what to do?

  • link exchange
    link exchange

    hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

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