Can you be allergic to your underwear?


"Ok believe it or not this is a serious question,for a while now I have been very suspicious that I am allergic to my underwear.I will explain: Basically I kept experincing painful rashes after using my 90%cotton 10%lycra stretchy underwear.I had painful rashes on my private area including my bottom and wherever the elastic touched my skin including the leg creases.So I switched to 100%cotton underwear but of course they still have some elastic.It reduced the soreness and itching in the private area but still I was experiencing irritating rashes in the leg I started to go commando and the problem cleared up.However its not possible to go commando all the time so,yesterday i grabbed some underwear not realizing it was the stretchy kind and now I have a sore,painful and rashy private area.The same thing happens with my bras,i break out under my arms and on the sides where the bra touches my skin.does anyone know what I should do about this? is this an allergy??"



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  • Christian Morqueda
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  • Lori

    its a latex allery. my dr. told me

  • Tabitha

    I am having the same problem with my underwear, I started itching whenever I war my underwear with the lace on the elastic band and I brock out in little sorse my husband was worried so I went to the doctor and she didn’t know what to tell me. At first I didn’t know it was my underwear that was causing all the problems, but since it hurt and itched I stopped waring them and it started to clear up; so I put my underwear back on and I got the same thing. The only way I got ride of it was to stop waring underwear, know it seems every time I war any kind I get the same thing.

  • sue

    Same thing i break out wearing underwear and bras. I don’t know what to do?

  • link exchange
    link exchange

    hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

  • Cindy

    This is happening to me too!!!! For me it is bras, socks and underwear. It never used to happen! I started looking at what the socks were made of and I was shocked. It was like my socks were all made from chemicals and nothing close to cotton. My worst issue if bras and I have tried SEVERAL brands. It’s not the brands, its what they use to make them. The rashes under my breasts hurt soooo much. I really should wear a bra all the time but sometimes, I am so red and sore, I have to go places without one and I feel embarrassed. Sometimes I wear my bra over a white tank top but it bunches all up and looks funny under the shirt. I see the bras they have here and I am wondering if they have large enough sizes. I am a PLUS size woman. I have to ask myself… what is happening to our clothes? What chemicals are we being exposed to through these clothes???

  • Linja

    I had a rash under my bra elastic and thought it was yeast but finally I realized it only happened when I wore a black bra. I was sensitive to the dye.

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