2020, as it has for so many, truly turned the once normal lives of those who started the year brimming with sanguine intentions upside down.

It pushed us away from a period of life driven by adventure, ambition, and progress, but while we allow ourselves to easily get caught up in the disruption, we should also look into the brighter side of things that are often overlooked. 

For some who had a rough year, mustering positive thoughts could be difficult since just beyond the horizon lies another year of uncertainties. We could, however, still try to create a better future by turning our frustrations into aspirations. 

This 2021, Cottonique reminds you to think about these 4 reasons for you to enter the new year on the right foot. After all, having a positive mindset helps keep our spirits merry and bright this Christmas.


Health authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom have already begun rolling out the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech, a widely tested and independently reviewed COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines, like the Pfizer-NTech, protect the most at-risk members of our society and offers hope for a return to normal life next year. 

The first phase of the immunization program, together with the swift developments of other COVID-19 vaccine candidates such as Moderna, AstraZeneca, and others, gives people hope that the pandemic can be completely eradicated. 


Even though COVID-19 has crippled industries around the world, we were still able to find a new way to connect digitally. 

The pandemic accelerated the growth of the Internet with the use of video conferencing services like Zoom and other tools to create and share content, interact with one another, and keep track of shared learning and documentation. 

Telecommuting, teleconsultation, and online learning will most probably continue to flourish to next year. Of course, social networking apps are also riding the tide of the quarantine, allowing everyone to stay connected with their loved ones despite the distance. 


If there's one thing that the pandemic gave rise to in business, it's the expansion of e-commerce. 2020 paved the way for more diversified e-commerce. 

Going digital for businesses means sustaining growth. And adding to cart for consumers is a one-tap wonder of bringing the products you love at home. 

No-contact delivery has been the new norm this year and will probably be in the next few years. With just their smartphones, buyers are making more direct purchases online than stepping foot into physical stores. No hassles, smooth transactions — who wouldn’t want that?

  1. TIME 

What would you get with back-to-back quarantines and travel restrictions? A lot of time on your hands. 

Lockdowns gave us a lot of time to reconfigure things in our system and acknowledge how we want our lives to be. We were able to pause our routines, draw a line between wants and needs, upgrade "the only skills I have" with new hobbies, spend time with family, friends, and loved ones, and seriously take care of our health. 

With a new set of 12 months upon us, we, at Cottonique, hope you that you don't lose hope in starting anew, that you don't stop trying new things, and that you won't become complacent as we're in a tug-of-war against uncertainties. 

We also hope that you find purpose every day while surviving a pandemic. Although it may have exacerbated the postponement of key life events, we can still create a better way to enjoy life and celebrate small, good moments only if we keep looking on the bright side.

Celebrated every December 21st, Look On The Bright Side Day encourages everyone to see positive situations and circumstances rather than dwelling on the negatives. 

December 21, 2020 — Nathan Mariano
Tags: awareness tips

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