Organic cotton clothes are good for people with extremely sensitive skin because the fabric is very soft. The people who make these clothes do not use harsh chemicals in manufacturing it.

The thing with organic cotton clothes though, is that they’re not as flashy or as fashionable as other clothes and so some people might hesitate to wear them because they look a little drab. But living with extreme skin sensitivity shouldn’t hamper your sense of style so with these few suggestions you can look fashionable still without putting your skin at risk.

Dye it up

Hypoallergenic clothes rarely sport various colors because the chemical dyes that are often used on clothes can trigger an allergic reaction to many individuals with sensitive skin.

Fortunately, dye manufacturers have taken into consideration that some people could be allergic to harsh chemicals, which is why they have started releasing hypoallergenic dyes for people with sensitive skin.

Natural dyes are being used to add color to clothes and these kinds of dyes are safe for people with sensitive skin. So if you want to your organic cotton shirts to rock, then use some natural dyes to add life to them.

Add some layers

Another way to add some panache to your outfit is to add some layers to it. Most hypoallergenic clothes are organic cotton shirts that are colored white or black. What you can do is to add a scarf (make sure it’s made of organic cotton) to add some style to it.

Or you can wear a jacket over it just as long as the jacket is hypoallergenic. You can put on a long sleeve shirt over your organic cotton shirt, or wear an organic cotton sweater with a different color over your white shirt.

Using a bit of your imagination and by bringing out the little artist in you, you can turn your drab shirt into a stylish and hip outfit that’s ready to get down and party!

A pair of scissors and your imagination

You can also do a lot with your pure organic cotton shirts just by using a pair of scissors, a sewing kit and a lot of imagination! Many individuals out there are turning their bland shirts into stylish crop tops or dresses just by simply cutting a few corners and sewing the rest together to create a whole new outfit.

One particular design showed that a tie-dyed shirt can turn into a sexy halter. What that person did was she cut the sleeves and the collar of the shirt, made a loop for the string on the collar, folded the collar edges, and pinned it.

After that she sewed the front with a ¼ inch edge and did the same for the back. Then she inserted a string into the loops to hold the halter top up. The outcome was beautiful and a great DIY project for those who want to turn their pure organic cotton shirts into something much more stylish.

Living with extremely sensitive skin doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never be able to wear something fun or quirky. All you need is a little bit of imagination and you can turn any outfit you have into something cool and hip.

April 11, 2019 — Admin Cottonique

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