How to Manage Your Child’s Latex Allergy

How to Manage Your Child’s Latex Allergy

Latex allergy is slowly becoming one of the most common allergies in children and it is starting to become a major concern for many families, since the number is slowly rising. For adults, managing a condition like this, although a bit tricky, is not too difficult. But it’s a different case if your child is the one suffering from latex allergy.

Monitoring her all the time isn’t possible so it’s important that you prepare your child, yourself and the people surrounding your child in the event that she comes into contact with latex.

Here are some tips to manage your child’s latex allergy:

Inform your child about latex allergy

Since it’s nearly impossible to monitor your child’s daily activities you’ll never know if she will come into contact with latex at any point of the day. So you should start educating them about latex allergy treatments and more importantly what can trigger her allergy condition.

Latex is a sap that comes from rubber trees and it is used in many items such as surgical gloves, toys, balloons, shoe soles, rubber bands, bandages, paint, clothes, raincoats, tennis racket handles and handles of some tools, buttons on computers and some switches.

Inform your child that she needs to avoid these objects as much as possible and be careful with latex materials even if she’s not touching one. Particles of latex can float in the air and come into contact with a person and if that person has a severe allergy to this material she can easily trigger a reaction and could even suffer an anaphylactic shock.

Prepare your child to handle an allergic reaction 

Of course you won’t always be able to prevent allergic reaction symptoms from happening especially if your child is not at the safety of your home. So make sure that your child knows what to do if in case she’s experiencing an allergic reaction caused by latex. Also, have your child wear an allergy bracelet to let others know what kind of allergy she has and who to contact in case she experiences an allergic reaction.

Make her environment as latex-free as possible

If your child is in your home it’s easy to keep your whole house free from things that contain latex. Make sure his or her clothes are free from latex too and if you’re still unaware a lot of clothing companies use this substance in their fabric because of its elastic property. Look for clothes that are latex-free, such as organic cotton clothing for your child to wear in order to avoid any triggers. 

Remind your child that she can handle her allergy

Latex allergy is a difficult condition to manage and your child needs all the care she can get from you. It can also be a distressing condition since you’re never too sure if any item that crosses your way could already trigger a reaction. This is why you need to make your child understand that no matter what happens you’re always there for her.

Living with latex allergy may be difficult especially if it’s your child who suffers from it.

But as long as you have prepared her to deal with an allergic reaction and as long as you’ve made the necessary adjustments both of you will be able to manage it with less difficulty.

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  • Admin Cottonique
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  • M Reeves
    M Reeves

    I am 65 and very fit because of my tennis.
    I am allergic of latex for the last 10 years. Never notice before till I got a very big skin reaction from contention nylon I wore during a long flight of 11 hours.
    I know to day what I can do, not do, to wear, not to wear, to breath, not to breath but the most difficult time is to handle the Holidays times like Christmas for exemple.
    Shops for weeks and months have all those unfriendly smell that make me stop to breath correctly.
    In fact at my girl friend after she show me her new little white Christmas tree on the table, I could not breath at all. Her, being a doctor, took me away in a flash and give me water to drink.
    The strange things is, I could not breath and had no reaction to distance myself from the table.
    Hallowing, Thanksgiving, Christmas are my enemy for my health.

  • Clara

    Very informative thank you.

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