Organic cotton underwear is not just good for your private parts but it’s also good for the planet! The last thing we think about when it comes to underwear is its effect on the environment.

When we purchase clothes our criteria is often limited to how durable it is, what kind of design it has and how expensive it is. But we rarely think about what our clothes can do for the environment, which is unfortunate because every piece of clothing we own does have an impact on our planet, even our underwear.

Polluting the oceans one fiber at a time

Unbeknownst to many people the fibers from our clothes are the pollutants that are slowly killing our oceans. According to environmentalists, whenever we wash our clothes the synthetic fibers in them are washed away into the drain. The water in those drainpipes flow into the oceans along with the fibers from our clothes and those materials get ingested by the marine animals. Not only do these aquatic animals get contaminated but since a lot of us have a healthy diet of fish and other seafood’s we also ingest these fibers.

So in effect the clothes we wear not only pollute the oceans but it also pollutes our bodies and as long as we continue to support clothing companies that use synthetic fibers in clothes this vicious cycle won’t stop. Fortunately, the answer to our problem is pure organic cotton clothes. Organic cotton clothes are free from any synthetic fiber and even if some of the fibers do get washed into the ocean this material is biodegradable making it safe for the environment.

Free from chemicals

Another thing that makes organic cotton underwear good for the planet is that it is free from any harsh chemicals. Ordinary cotton is laced with chemicals because when it starts off as a crop hundreds of liters of pesticides are used on them. In order to kill off pests and insects that often feed on cotton crops farmers have to use large amounts of pesticides and these chemicals cling to these plants long after they’ve been harvested.

So if you’re wearing underwear that’s made from ordinary cotton, chances are those pesticides are now sticking to your skin. And when you wash those clothes you’ll be washing all of those chemicals into the sea. But pure organic cotton underwear has no harsh chemicals in it and so, not only is it safe for your private parts they’re also safe for the environment.

Choosing pure organic cotton underwear can be your biggest contribution to saving the planet because it’s biodegradable and it has no chemicals that can pollute the environment. So if you’re looking for another reason why organic cotton underwear is the right kind of clothes for you then it being environmental-friendly should be enough.

January 02, 2019 — Admin Cottonique

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