Pets and Allergies: The Myth behind It



We all know that a man’s best friend is the dog and for thousands of years this has been proven time and time again without fail.

Many dog owners would attest to the fact that their dogs have done wondrous deeds for the sake of their human family. From saving a child from drowning or barking for help when an elderly dog owner suddenly gets a stroke, dogs all over the world have proven that their love for their human counterparts is without limit.

But what if their existence or more specifically their physical traits are what make it hard for some humans to live in harmony with them? Do they still count as man’s best friend?

Allergic to pets

It is unfortunate that many people have developed allergies towards these lovable creatures. Some have uncontrollable bouts of sneezing and coughing when they come into contact with dogs while others develop a rash when they try to cuddle with their canines.

But despite these debilitating conditions some pet owners should refrain from avoiding dogs, or even cats, altogether because there are still ways to prevent an allergic reaction without having to give up man’s best friend.

Know what really triggers an allergic reaction

Despite what others may believe the fur on your lovely dog is not what makes you sneeze or cough. It’s actually the skin or more specifically the flakes of skin that comes off your pet are what make you sneeze.

So even if you’re taking care of a dog without any fur, like the Mexican hairless dog, otherwise, called Xoloitzcuintli, you might still be allergic to it because of the dander.

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent an allergic reaction to this substance. You just have to be vigilant about keeping your household clean from these allergens.

First, you should keep your pet out of your bedroom. Keep your dog/s out of the bedroom so you can minimize the amount of dander sticking to the one room where you spend most of your time in.

Second, prevent dander from sticking to any surface in your home, which means that if you want your pet to stay with you, you should opt to use bare floors instead of carpets and scrub your floors and even the walls rigorously to get rid of any dander that might have stuck to the surface.

Also, get rid of your pet’s furniture because chances are it’s already layered with dander.

Third, if you’re the type of pet owner who loves to cuddle with your dog make sure you change your clothes frequently after you’ve rolled around with Snuffles. Stick them into your washing machine and make sure that it’s totally clean to prevent dander from sticking to it.

Fourth, air conditioners and heaters are notorious spreaders of dander throughout the house. Make sure that the vents in these machines have effective filters to ensure that dander won’t spread throughout your home.

Fifth, make sure that your pet is cleaned thoroughly outside the house before letting him/her in. If there is one person in your family who is not allergic to pet dander let him/her clean the dog so that he/she won’t trigger an allergic attack during grooming.

Sixth, try using a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter to clean the air in your home from dander and any other allergens.

Seventh, make sure that your pet gets his/her bath every week to prevent allergens from accumulating and spreading throughout the house.

Eighth, visit your allergist and have him/her find a way to minimize your allergic reactions to your pet by prescribing a medicine to counter your allergies.

A dog is man’s best friend and even if you’re suffering from allergic reactions due to your most cherished pet there are plenty of ways to curb this debilitating situation without having to give up your best bud.

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