Dermatographia is a skin condition wherein the skin is so sensitive that if you scratch the surface lightly, red lines will appear. Another term used for dermatographia is “skin writing” because people with this condition can literally write on their skin because of how sensitive their skin is.

It may sound cool to have skin that you can write on but for most people with this condition, it is more of a bane than a blessing, especially, when this skin condition gets to be really itchy.

Fortunately, there are many people out there who have shared their thoughts and tips on how to avoid feeling itchy and listed below are their tips:

Avoid sugar and eat lots of healthy foods

People who have been managing their dermatographia attest to the fact that eating lots of fruits and vegetables helped them beat the itch. They also say that avoiding processed food can help curb your skin condition.

Drink more water and less alcohol

Keeping hydrated also helps curb dermatographia if not stop it permanently. People with this skin condition should also avoid drinking alcohol because it dehydrates the body, leaving it more prone to the symptoms of dermatographia.

Use cold compress on your hives

If you really can’t avoid getting hives then try to alleviate the itching sensation by placing a cold compress on the affected skin areas. If your skin lines are all over your body then better take a cold shower to stave off the itch.

Lather coconut oil or shea butter on your skin regularly

Coconut oil and shea butter are good for preventing that itching sensation that people with dermatographia often feel so use these ingredients as often as necessary.

Use chilled aloe vera

Some people have also tried chilled aloe vera on their skin when their symptoms occurred and it worked for them. So pack some aloe vera in your freezer and the next time your dermatographia acts up use the juice from the chilled aloe vera and apply it to your skin.

Get lots of rest and avoid stress

Stress is said to be a trigger in dermatographia so avoid it at all costs. So get lots of sleep and try to avoid situations that could stress you out.

Dermatographia need not be a debilitating condition as long as you know what to do when your symptoms occur and as long as you know how to prevent them from happening.

April 16, 2019 — Admin Cottonique


Bernice Brammer said:

I have had this condition since my astrovenica vacine

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