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Inverse Psoriasis vs. Intertrigo 0

Intertrigo and inverse psoriasis are skin conditions that cause discomfort in areas of the body where the skin folds, such as the groin, armpits, and the abdomen. While psoriasis can be easily confused with other allergy symptoms, inverse psoriasis triggers and treatments are different from intertrigo.

Dealing with Keratosis Pilaris this Winter 0


Cold weather, central heating, and low humidity can wreak havoc to your skin, especially if you have keratosis pilaris. Here, we share some tips on how to manage it this winter season.

House Cleaning Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay 0

We list some tips to help you keep your house clean while keeping your allergies under control:

• Vacuum with a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. This type of filter works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, etc.

• Declutter your home

Extra boxes and decoration act as wonderful vantage point for dust, mites, and roaches and you don’t want those in your home.


Organic Cotton is the Best Undies for You 0

When you go out to buy a pair of undies most of the times you choose the one you’re going to get according to the style, cut, color and how sexy it would look if you put it on. There are other times too that we take into consideration how comfortable the pair of undies we’re checking out, which is definitely better.


Earth Day in This Generation and Practical Ways to Take Part in it 0

With more than three decades since it started, Earth Day has created a vast awareness about environmental protection. Earth Day is an event that unifies everyone on the globe (more than 193 countries) and despite our differences in culture, language and beliefs. We are one in ensuring our planet’s preservation as well as our own for the generations to come.

How to Prevent Eczema? Stop it Before it Happens 2

Are you aware that over 10 million people suffer from this skin condition called eczema? It is sad but true; millions of people have acquired this skin condition. The sad part is that many people do not even know that there are certain things they can do in their lives to prevent further outbreaks from occurring.

You can even take steps today on how to prevent eczema; stop it before it happens.