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Avoid These Skin-Care Mistakes This Winter 0

Winter is the worst time for your skin. The cold climate coupled with freezing winds can dry your skin until it breaks and if you’re one of the many people living with eczema or suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities then your skin is at greater risk during wintertime.

Unfortunately, we have a few bad habits that we think won’t affect our skin but in reality these things can make our skin worse. Read on and see what you’ve been doing wrong.

Here’s How to Manage Your Eczema at Work 0

Living with eczema can be such a pain sometimes. You’re always itching and your skin often features rashes, hives and even open wounds that can really freak some people out. It’s especially cumbersome when you have to work in an office and your eczema tends to show its worst on your hands. But rather than quitting your job and opting to work from home there are remedies you can take to manage your eczema while you work at your desk.

Better Alternatives to Scratching an Itch 0

 When we itch we automatically look for that area of our body that’s making us annoyed and bear down on it with all the fury that our fingernails can unleash on that pesky itch. The immediate relief from scratching an itch is like a short preview of what heaven must feel like—a heavy dose of relief. But unbeknownst to us there is a danger to scratching an itch especially if you’re suffering from eczema.