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Treating Rosacea the Natural Way 2

Rosacea is a skin condition wherein your cheeks and nose will suddenly turn red when triggered by stress, exposure to sun, exercise, alcohol, spicy foods, hot bath, etc. Oftentimes the redness spreads to other parts of your body and for some people the sensation can range from itching to painful.

There are many treatments to manage your rosacea. You can take oral antibiotics or medicines that can reduce the redness or you can use natural means to manage your rosacea.

Drinking Coffee May Reduce Rosacea Risk 0

A new report from the medical journal, JAMA Dermatology suggests that drinking coffee may reduce the skin redness associated with rosacea, a condition which affects about 415 million people worldwide. Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory condition that affects the face in the form of flushing and blushing, and sometimes acne-like bumps. People with rosacea are usually advised to avoid hot beverages, sun exposure, spicy foods, and other things that are considered triggers.