Cottonique’s Elite Plus Hypoallergenic Face Mask: A Mask Worthy of the Name 5

Cottonique takes the idea of mask-wearing up a notch with its newest addition to the roster of 100% organic cotton face masks. Enter the Elite Plus Hypoallergenic Face Mask: an epitome of comfortability, protection, and innovation.

Self-Care: 5 Helpful Tips For People With Eczema 0

With so many things happening around us all at once, we often forget to remind ourselves that self-care, even with eczema, remains an essential part of our lives. To help you check your physical and emotional barometer this Self-Care Awareness Month, we have put down 6 self-care tips to possibly help alleviate the agony of people with eczema. 

6 Useful Tips to Successful Breastfeeding for Nursing Moms 0

Some mothers develop contact dermatitis in their breasts during the early weeks of breastfeeding as their bodies adapt to frequent contact with a baby’s mouth. Oftentimes, women use pumping bras that can be detrimental to their skin without them knowing. But these hardships do not necessarily mean a mother has to stop breastfeeding.

Back To School? Here Are The 5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Face Masks For Kids 0

As a new report supposedly found a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases among children in the United States, parents should know what qualities to look out for when searching for face masks for their kids. 

8 Remarks You Might Not Realize Are Offensive To People With Eczema 0

People with eczema also have feelings too! Skin allergies, like eczema and psoriasis, are often associated with stigma. That's why we need to make them feel more included, embrace their condition with compassion, and tell them that their symptoms don't bother us at all.

Allergic Rhinitis or COVID-19: How to tell the difference? 10

From a sudden sneeze and consecutive coughs that feel like the usual allergies to chilling fevers and severe body pains that strike every cell in your body, the overlapping symptoms between allergic rhinitis and coronavirus seem to cause unnecessary fear among people nowadays.

Debunking misconceptions about psoriasis 10

As we give facts about psoriasis and debunk various misconceptions, we should also take advantage of the yearly observance to put an end to confusion and misunderstandings. We might not heal people with psoriasis yet, but we can certainly cure misinformation. 

THE TRUTH UNMASKED: Why You Should Switch To Cloth Masks 13

As the demand for face masks goes up along with the countless viable options on the Internet, its widespread usage raises an obvious question between cloth and surgical masks: which offer the best protection?

People who wear face masks touch their faces less, research shows 89

Due to the insufficient evidence on the usefulness of masks against COVID-19, China-based researchers were able to review various surveillance footage to track mask-wearing and face-touching behaviors of thousands of individuals.

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7 loungewear picks to celebrate National Relaxation Day 6

For many, mouthwatering plates full of food, bottles of alcohol, hours of comedic flicks, or even just a personal time off give them the long-sought breathing space. But for some, hitting the order button on comfortable clothes complement their well-deserved relaxation.

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Happy Undies Day! Upgrade Your Closet With Cotton Underwear 0

If you still put up with that ill-fitting bra copped from a 2-year-old shopping spree, then it's high time to overhaul your wardrobe. And with heatwaves baking the US this August, perhaps your sensitive areas could use some breathability and comfortability brought by cotton-made and allergy-free underwear.

How Fabric Masks can Serve as a Protective Layer Against COVID-19 41

While sheltering in, social distancing, and washing your hands continue to be the most effective way to avoid infection from COVID-19, wearing cloth face masks can add another layer of protection, experts from the CDC say. What’s surprising, however, is how they can actually help.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced that wearing cloth masks isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be infected by the novel coronavirus, but it can help slow down the spread in several ways.

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