What the Feet?! Itchy Feet Causes and Treatments 1


There are many different conditions that can cause itchy feet. While occasional itchiness is not something to be worried about, an itch that does not get better overtime may require treatment. 

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What is Certified Organic Cotton? 0

Just because your shirt is labeled as green, or eco-friendly, does not make it organic. Cotton clothing is organic if it is certified to an organic standard. There are two independent organic cotton certifications: the Organic Content Standard (OCS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). OCS provides third party assurance that the organic content in your clothes can be traced back to source, while GOTS traces the organic content of the clothes and makes sure that it follows processes that are socially and sustainably appropriate.

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How Prepared Are You? Disaster Preparedness for People with Allergies 0

National Preparedness Month started after September 11 and is organized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It is recognized this month to inform and remind everyone that it is crucial to prepare ourselves when disaster strikes.

September is National Sewing Month 0

national sewing month 2019

The observance of this simple yet very meaningful month began in 1982, with a proclamation from then President Ronald Reagan, declaring September as National Sewing Month. This was done in recognition to the importance of home sewing and sewing in general to the nation.

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Study: Poor Sleep Common in Psoriasis 0

A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology confirms the connection between poor sleep and psoriasis. The study revealed that people with psoriasis tend to have more problems sleeping than the general population. 

Can Allergies Cause Headaches? 1


Headaches are normal, and can happen to anyone with or without allergies. Research estimates 70 to 80% of us experience headaches, and about 50% at least once a month...and allergies can be the source of those headaches. 

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Need a Cotton Bra? Here's What You Should Know Before Buying One 1

Through the years, women have used a variety of garments and devices to cover, restrain, reveal, or even modify the appearance of breasts. As the years go by, more women become aware and sure of what their preferences are when it comes to undergarments. Not only do they look for form and aesthetics, but also the benefits of the fabric and the impact it has on the people and the environment. 

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Know the Difference: Ethical vs. Sustainable 0

Are you confused about what certain fashion terms mean? Is there a difference between sustainable and ethical fashion? Keep reading to know more.

Are You Allergic or Intolerant? 0

Have you ever eaten something that resulted in skin swelling, difficulty breathing or worse, high fever? What might be the cause? Is it intolerance or allergy? While the symptoms may be similar in most ways, you can conclude that it is intolerance if it just upset your body and it goes away quickly. However, if it is an allergy, it could have a life-threatening effect.

Will Buying Organic Clothing Help Resolve My Skin Allergies? 0

The modern clothing industry may have produced a number of innovations which have made clothes even more appealing, affordable and functional. However, this trillion dollar industry hides an awful secret that lies in one of the widely used product - synthetic fibers.

How Do I Store Clothes to Avoid Dust Mites and Mold? 0

Dust mites are pesky microscopic creatures that are part of the arachnid or spider family. These mites are unfortunately, invisible to the eye and can travel through the air.

Parents' Role in Managing Children with Allergies 2


As a parent, have you ever asked yourself why and how your child developed an allergy when in fact you don’t have any? Many of us are aware that it can be inherited while some just developed and was triggered by an allergen. It is our duty as a parent, to be proactive when it comes to our children's overall health. 

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