How to Protect Your Hypoallergenic Clothes 0


Washing and keeping your pure organic cotton clothes is important, especially if you rely on them to protect your overly sensitive skin. Here, we list some tips on how to protect your hypoallergenic clothes.

Inverse Psoriasis vs. Intertrigo 0

Intertrigo and inverse psoriasis are skin conditions that cause discomfort in areas of the body where the skin folds, such as the groin, armpits, and the abdomen. While psoriasis can be easily confused with other allergy symptoms, inverse psoriasis triggers and treatments are different from intertrigo.

Should I Get a Steroid Shot for My Allergies? 1

Steroids in general are anti-inflammatory, so it decreases the body’s immune response to certain things. While there are currently no medical studies that show steroid shots as proven treatment for severe allergy sufferers, for some people, it gets the job done. Still, like most things that sound too good to be true, there’s always a catch.

Climate Change Worsens Allergies 0

Climate change is one of the big problems the world is facing, and for allergy sufferers, it is making allergy season more miserable. A new study from the University of Maryland provides proof that the “onset of spring” is associated to an increase in season allergies in the U.S. 

How to Make Your Easter Celebration Egg-cellent and Allergy-free 0

Spring time is fun time because of the weather, and there are also celebrations here and there. If you’re preparing for Easter, Passover, and other spring activities, do not forget to watch out for asthma and allergy triggers that could affect your plans. Here are some suggestions on how to make your spring and Easter celebrations fun and itch-free.

Here's How to Clean Your House if You Suffer from Spring Allergies 0

If you're suffering from spring allergies it's important to note that the ordinary way of cleaning your house might not be enough to ensure it's totally allergy-free. If allergy prevention is your main focus, here are a few spring cleaning tips to remember:

Prevent Dermatographia From Itching Too Much 0

Dermatographia is a skin condition wherein the skin is so sensitive that if you scratch the surface lightly, red lines will appear. Another term used for dermatographia is “skin writing” because people with this condition can literally write on their skin because of how sensitive their skin is.

Treating Rosacea the Natural Way 0

Rosacea is a skin condition wherein your cheeks and nose will suddenly turn red when triggered by stress, exposure to sun, exercise, alcohol, spicy foods, hot bath, etc. Oftentimes the redness spreads to other parts of your body and for some people the sensation can range from itching to painful.

There are many treatments to manage your rosacea. You can take oral antibiotics or medicines that can reduce the redness or you can use natural means to manage your rosacea.

How to Jazz Up Your Organic Cotton Clothes 0

Organic cotton clothes are good for people with extremely sensitive skin because the fabric is very soft. The people who make these clothes do not use harsh chemicals in manufacturing it.

Save Your Skin: The Mini Skin Cancer Survival Guide 0


April is National Cancer Control Month. It is a time to focus on increasing awareness about the ongoing battle against cancer, the measures we can take to reduce our risks, and the ways to show support for victims and survivors. In honor of the National Cancer Control Month, we offer facts and updates in skin cancer and skin cancer prevention.

#WorldHealthDay2019: What the World Needs to Know About Allergies 1

Today is World Health Day, and the World Health Organization will once again gather key people around the globe to discuss and participate events that aim to help communities worldwide be aware of any health concerns affecting the world. Just like 2018, the theme of World Health Day 2019 is "Universal Health Coverage." The organization aims to ensure that everyone can obtain the care they need, when they need it, right in the heart of the community. While the goal is to improve health care in general, a lot of people are hoping that the organization would set the spotlight on allergies and its impact on the world.

Study: Kids with Autism More Likely to Suffer from Allergies 0

A study published in the medical journal, JAMA Network Open, suggests that children with autism spectrum disorders or ASDs, are more prone to have food, respiratory, or skin allergy. ASDs are neurodevelopmental disorders that begin early in childhood and last throughout a person's life. People with ASDs have difficulty communicating and interacting socially.