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Why Organic Cotton Is Best for Infants 0


Some thing occurs when parents have their initial babythey start worrying. A lot. Mostly, they worry about the welfare of their new child, particularly in terms of what to feed their new arrival and what to put on his or her skin.

Unsurprisingly, organic food, regardless of whether out of a jar or homemade is frequently chosen as parents effortlessly recognise that you will find no nasty chemicals concerned. Organic and normal skincare goods, or goods designed specifically for delicate child skin are an simple option too as they’re less likely to trigger eczema. Its an obvious jump from organic food and skincare to natural child clothing. Yet so several parents have not got to grips with this however. 


Regrettably, organic baby clothing is proving a little slower to grow in popularity. Its not as simple to comprehend ” a lot of people dont make the connection between the clothes that they dress their baby in and the cotton plants growing in fields. But cotton is in reality one of the most heavily pesticided crops in the world, which means that you will find an awful good deal of chemicals concerned. And thats just in growing it. When you add the dyes, processing and anti-shrink resins, you have 1 very chemical-heavy product.

But these clothes are going directly against your babys skin all day and all night, and that means that your babys pores and skin is exposed to these chemical substances. Organic cotton is different. There are no nasty chemical substances or pesticides concerned ” to be fully certified the dyes and processes require to be chemical free too ” which indicates that natural cotton is as natural and pure as it possibly could be, which makes it a great choice for child clothing.

The reality that natural cotton is chemical-free indicates that it is a lot, a lot kinder to eczema, allergies and sensitive child skin. A good deal of mother and father have found that dressing their children in natural clothing can truly help if their little one suffers from eczema, and several do make the option only to use organic clothes for their infants for this reason. It makes a massive distinction, and if youve chosen natural child food and skincare, then organic baby clothes are the next logical step. 




  • Christian Morqueda

Cotton Innerwear for Sensitive Skin 0

from Travelogue

My skin has become sensitive and could develop redness and rashes easily after giving birth to my second baby. I can’t find any medicine to cure it, but have to follow doctor advice to change all my innerwear to Cottonique cotton wear. Amazingly, my skin no longer itchy and rashes like last time and I don’t have to act like a monkey!

  • Jorem Catilo

New Allergy Free, Skin Friendly Clothing Line 0

by Beyond Allergy

I remember once years ago, my daughter broke out in a rash all over her legs. After trying and trying to figure out why, we realized it was from the new pants she had worn. I hadn’t washed them before she wore them, and whatever was in them, caused her to break out. Many people have much more sensitive skin than that. They can only wear certain materials or else not only find themselves very uncomfortable, but having serious skin issues as well.

You may be glad to hear of a new clothing line specifically designed for those with sensitive skin and skin allergies. The brand is Cottonique and according to their news release, it offers “a range of products manufactured with new, state-of-the-art technologies made from 100% natural cotton, suitable for use by even the most sensitive of skin and allergy sufferers.”

Many things influence the way clothes affect us, including material, processing, chemicals on the clothes, as well as how we process and wash the clothes and other chemicals that can get on our clothing throughout the day. Cottonique has developed dermatologist recommended, dye free clothes targeted to adults and children with mild to severe skin allergies. This line includes latex-free, spandex-free, lycra-free, nylon-free and polyester-free cotton apparel.

The line includes socks and underwear and is in the process of making available a full line of children’s and toddler’s clothing. All of the clothing is produced in an allergy free factory. According to their press release, a unique fabric-knitting process allows Cottonique’s to retain the stretch and fit of commonly found apparel, without the danger of latex allergy, spandex allergy, or chemical sensitivity. All fabrics undergo a hydro-pressure purification process to produce pure cotton that is resin-free, formaldehyde-free, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free. Cottonique does not use any dye stuff in the manufacturing of their clothing and underwear; in the end, all products remain highly breathable, comfortable, functional, and safe for people with skin allergy and sensitive skin.

  • Jorem Catilo

You are allergy-free at Cottonique 0

by My E-paper

I wonder why I got skin allergy for wearing my new underwear that was given by my cousin last Christmas. When I check its textile then it was not cotton made. Then, I’m grateful that I found Cottonique in the net that sells allergy-free apparel for men and women and so also undies. It eliminates the use of bleaching compounds, color dyes and textile resins that can cause skin irritations to some sensitive skin. I suggest that you visit because the fabric is highly absorbent plus breathable equals comfy to wear.

  • Jorem Catilo

Cottonique's Allergy-Free Clothing And Underwear: Too Good To Be True? 0


Latex products are so common that anyone can become allergic to latex, says the American Academy of Family Physicians.

However, since the widespread use of latex gloves and products as a barrier to infectious diseases, especially the AIDS virus, there has been a marked increase in reports of severe latex allergy, particularly in health care workers. It is estimated that 2% of all hospital employees have latex allergies. Additionally, latex is used in over 40,000 products according to Medicinenet.

Here are some of the most common latex-containing products:

  • Dishwashing gloves
  • Carpeting
  • Waistbands on clothing
  • Balloons
  • Rubber toys
  • Hot water bottles
  • Baby bottle nipples
  • Disposable diapers
  • Sanitary pads
  • Rubber bands
  • Erasers
  • Condoms
  • Diaphragms
  • Swim goggles
  • Racket handles
  • Motorcycle and bicycle handgrips

For those of us outside of a hospital setting, latex is most commonly found in our clothing. Cottonique has come up with a solution: completely latex and spandex free under things! The product, according to the website: “eliminates the use of color dyes or any form of chemicals. The cotton used is 100% organically grown. The fabric is treated purely with heat and water to make a healthy, soft, & breathable garment.”

I looked forward to receiving these samples and trying them out. I got, a cami and a pair of the drawstring undies.

My feeling is that Cottonique is ahead of their time. A dye-free, organic, all cotton, naturally made product, that is free-of skin irritants is great, but even those who get contact dermatitis from latex- or spandex-laden clothing want colors and great fit and style.

Cottonique’s fit left much to be desired as well. Perhaps it’s that we don’t realize how far a little latex and spandex go in helping out everyday outfits work on our bodies, clinging to our forms in an attractive way. Cottonique’s cami gapped at the bust line and was too tight elsewhere. The panties were of the grandma variety and were not flattering. As it is an un-dyed product, it comes in only one color: natural.

I’m glad Cottonique exists for those with severe latex and spandex allergies. Here is an option for soft, safe underthings that won’t irritate or cause hives. I hope they continue to develop their line and their reach to consumers. I’m also looking forward to next generation companies that will bring some style in the mix.

  • Jorem Catilo

100% Natural Cotton & Skin Friendly Apparel? 0


Ladies and gentlemen, have you folks ever heard of Cottonique before?

I guess probably not, even I knew about it just a couple of hours back after stumbling upon Cottonique Dot Com. It seems that Cottonique is some kind of a skin friendly clothing apparel, providing comfort to those who suffers from sensitive skin and latex-allergies. According to Cottonique Dot Com, Cottonique is the perfect solution to hygienic allergy-free apparel for men and women.

What is more important is that Cottonique eliminates the use of color dyes or any form of chemicals. I have taken a peak at some of their products online and found that they are all white! It might be a little weird for those who love colors but Cottonique products do look pretty cute in white. Besides, this is not about trends or fashion. Some of us do have sensitive skins and allergies and Cottonique products were tailor made for such people.

I got nothing better to do right now, I might as well share this little discovery with you folks. Hope you like it.

  • Jorem Catilo

Sensitive to Elastic 0

by Health Professional

My skin is sensitive to some substances including aloe vera, elastic and some kinds of bandage adhesive. Avoiding elastic on the skin can be a challenge; I have to shop carefully.

Here are a couple of places where you can buy non-elastic underthings:

  • Cottonique – Underpants are sized small; I had to get a larger size than usual. Also, they did not enclose a packing slip which made returns a bit frustrating. However, I am now happy with my items. Got an organic cotton camisole which is super-soft!
  • Decent Exposures – Underpants are sized more generously but cost more. They will custom-make a bra for you and you can return it for adjustments. Custom items take several weeks. Quality is high, selection is good. I’m a repeat customer.
  • Marites Quitoriano