New Allergy Free, Skin Friendly Clothing Line


by Beyond Allergy

I remember once years ago, my daughter broke out in a rash all over her legs. After trying and trying to figure out why, we realized it was from the new pants she had worn. I hadn’t washed them before she wore them, and whatever was in them, caused her to break out. Many people have much more sensitive skin than that. They can only wear certain materials or else not only find themselves very uncomfortable, but having serious skin issues as well.

You may be glad to hear of a new clothing line specifically designed for those with sensitive skin and skin allergies. The brand is Cottonique and according to their news release, it offers “a range of products manufactured with new, state-of-the-art technologies made from 100% natural cotton, suitable for use by even the most sensitive of skin and allergy sufferers.”

Many things influence the way clothes affect us, including material, processing, chemicals on the clothes, as well as how we process and wash the clothes and other chemicals that can get on our clothing throughout the day. Cottonique has developed dermatologist recommended, dye free clothes targeted to adults and children with mild to severe skin allergies. This line includes latex-free, spandex-free, lycra-free, nylon-free and polyester-free cotton apparel.

The line includes socks and underwear and is in the process of making available a full line of children’s and toddler’s clothing. All of the clothing is produced in an allergy free factory. According to their press release, a unique fabric-knitting process allows Cottonique’s to retain the stretch and fit of commonly found apparel, without the danger of latex allergy, spandex allergy, or chemical sensitivity. All fabrics undergo a hydro-pressure purification process to produce pure cotton that is resin-free, formaldehyde-free, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free. Cottonique does not use any dye stuff in the manufacturing of their clothing and underwear; in the end, all products remain highly breathable, comfortable, functional, and safe for people with skin allergy and sensitive skin.

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