Why Diabetics Need Special Socks


It’s no secret that our 100% organic cotton socks are perfect for people with skin sensitivities, from allergies to eczema and everything in between. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that diabetics can benefit greatly from our products. Here’s why:

Increased blood sugar levels can lead to the narrowing of blood vessels, which in turn impairs the healing of wounds. Some people with diabetes can also experience a reduction in skin sensitivity, meaning they might not feel any damage to their feet. These two factors can lead to ulceration – if you or a relative of yours suffers from diabetes, you’ll probably be familiar with those open sores that seem to pop up out of nowhere on your lower leg and foot.

This is often referred to as “diabetic foot”, and the complications can get grisly. Because diabetics are less likely to feel the ulcers on their feet, there is a greater possibility that these wounds will go unnoticed. The longer a wound goes unnoticed, the greater the chance that it might get infected. In very serious cases, people with diabetic foot develop gangrene or other major conditions that could end in amputation.

It’s because of these complications that patients are often advised to wear what’s known as “diabetic socks”, or socks that contain little to no elastic. The reason for this is that less elastic on the sock means less constriction on the lower leg, which in turn helps with blood circulation and healing. Diabetic socks also tend to have better moisture control as a preventative measure against infection.

Cottonique’s all-natural, latex-free socks have these exact same features, plus they’re soft-seamed – abrasion on the skin is minimized, so there are much fewer chances of wounds developing. Your feet will stay comfortable and dry, which is how diabetics need their feet to be.

Of course, it goes without saying that diabetic socks aren’t a cure for diabetic foot ulcers; rather, they’re a handy risk-reducer. The best way to beat ulceration is still proper management of blood sugar levels. It doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help, though, and that’s what we’re here for.

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  • zorab

    It is wonderful socks and white color socks often remain my favorite.I will bring same socks in my home.It gave me official looks.Thanks for sharing.

  • Johnson McGee
    Johnson McGee

    I like how you said, “Increased blood sugar levels can lead to the narrowing of blood vessels…”. My doctor was telling me about this last week. I discovered that diabetic socks help many with this condition. Also, I think they look really stylish. What’s your favorite brand? http://sugarfreesox.com/health-comfort-non-binding-socks-diabetic-socks/

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