Women's Allergy-Free Jessica Wide Leg Pants

$50.00 USD


Experience the flowy nature and allergy-free relief with a comfortable loose fit

Although all pants strive for comfort, not all of them are crafted with the right materials to ensure an irritation-free experience every time you put them on. If you're looking for a relaxed, non-irritating bottom that supports your sensitive skin for a laid-back style, our Women's Allergy-Free Jessica Wide Leg Pants should be your new go-to option! 

Crafted with a primary emphasis on comfort, soothing relief, and loose fit, this newest hypoallergenic garment ensures that your legs remain at ease and unrestricted, made possible by its 100% organic cotton fabric that guarantees a comfortable feel against your skin and its square-cut construction that maintains a structured look from the hips down to the hem. Aside from the two side pockets for carrying essentials on the go, the soft 100% cotton drawstrings also guarantee an adjustable fit for a more streamlined look—designed to accommodate a laid-back lifestyle without discomfort. 


  • Providing a friction-free and chafing-free experience for your allergy-prone and sensitive skin, which can sometimes be aggravated by wearing synthetic-blended pants made with scratchy fabrics. 
  • Allowing your skin to stay cool and comfortable even in warm weather, perfect for year-round wear.
  • Ensuring that eczema flare-ups are effectively prevented by eliminating any opportunity for the accumulation of moisture, sweat, and heat on your skin.

  • Using as a comfortable option for casual occasions, enabling a relaxed style with a well-put-together look for family gatherings or evenings spent with friends.

    • Full-length pants with square-cut construction
    • Spacious side pockets for convenience
    • Pull-on style that allows ease of movement 
    • Soft 100% cotton drawstrings for easy adjustment
    • Breathable, GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton fabric
    • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
    • No latex and spandex 
    • No chemicals, synthetics, and toxic dyes


    Why Wear Organic?
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    Product Care

    Machine Wash, Gentle Cycle  Machine-wash at not more than 30°C with a gentle cycle. Use only dermatologist-recommended organic-based detergents.

    Do Not Bleach Do not bleach Cottonique products as it will damage the hypoallergenic properties and aesthetics of the fabric.

    Tumble Dry, Low Rinse it thoroughly then dry at low temperature.

     Iron Dry or Steam, Low Iron or steam with low heat if needed

    Note: The “Pink Blush” “Muted Green,”  and “Taupe” variants of this product only contain gentler dyes, designed for people with sensitivities to latex, spandex, and formaldehyde. Cottonique uses a premium quality core-spun thread that encloses a high-tenacity polyester filament core using 100% organic cotton cover to develop colored items. If you have allergies to bleaches, dyes or multiple chemical sensitivities, you may opt to check our Allergic Contact Dermatitis product line.s.

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