Women's Racerback Croptop Bra

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Hypoallergenic bra providing non-itch  and sweat-free experience

Wearing the wrong bra can get in the way of living an active lifestyle, which is why we went back to the drawing board to create the ideal bra for active women with sensitive skin. Gone are the irritating underwires, the straps that dig into your skin, awkward cup sizes, and harmful materials that can trigger allergic reactions. Instead, we give you a bra that’s designed to give you ultimate support, comfort, and protection from allergies with 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified, organic cotton fabric. 

Allergen and chemical-free construction combined with a non-itch design gives you support with no-compromise prevention of skin allergies and irritation, ideal for the most severe allergies and sensitivities.


  • Crop top design that keeps everything in place
  • Removable bra pads included for proper comfort and fit
  • Racer Back Style with Keyhole design
  • Nickel-Free snaps to secure bra straps from direct contact with the skin
  • Double-layered cotton lining
  • Latex-free, spandex-free elastic band for support and comfort
  • Underwire-free and designed to be non-restrictive to movement
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
  • No chemicals, synthetics, and toxic dyes

      Latex-free Bras
      Breathe Easy With Cottonique’s Allergy-free Bras

      Size & Fit
      • Full support
      • RaceBack design
      • Queen Model is 5'9" with a 40-inch bust and wears size 7.
      • Regular Model is 5'7" with a 34.5-inch bust and wears size 5. 

      Bra Note:

      Our bras are 100% hypoallergenic, which means we do not include any spandex in our fabric. Some of our customers may find that the bras do not fit well all because they do not have extra stretch. However, please be informed that the removable pads, which we use in our Racerback Crop Top Bra, are made from polyurethane foam.

      Product Care

      For a continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we recommend taking out the removable pads when hand-washing this bra at less than 30°C with a mild detergent. Hang dry, do not tumble dry.

      Note: The “Black,” “Melange Grey,” “Melange Brown,” and “Melange Blue” variants of this product only contain gentler dyes, designed for people with sensitivities to latex, spandex, and formaldehyde. Cottonique uses a premium quality core-spun thread that encloses a high tenacity polyester filament core using 100% organic cotton cover to develop colored items. If you have allergies to bleaches, dyes or multiple chemical sensitivities, you may opt to check our Allergic Contact Dermatitis product line.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 65 reviews
      Nancy Van Affelen
      Fit: True To Size
      Conditions: mutichemical sensitivity
      What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Latex-Free and Spandex-Free, Chemical-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, Environmental Sustainable Clothing
      What made you choose Cottonique?: Sensitive Skin, Multi-Chemical Sensitivities
      LOVE 100% COTTON

      my bras are soft on skin and no rashes. i get a little support which feels good for my chest muscles. my socks are thick enough to keep my feet warm in my strong leather cowgirl boots during rain and cold temperatures. i am plenty happy. no allergies with 100% cotton and wash and dry very well. no complaints.

      Dina DiBattista
      Fit: True To Size
      Conditions: Allergic Contact Dermatitis
      What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Dye / Bleach Free, Latex-Free and Spandex-Free, Natural Organic Cotton
      What made you choose Cottonique?: Allergic Contact Dermatitis
      Comfortable with Great Support

      Comfortable if not a bit cumbersome to get on, but worth it. Very supportive, too, with reovable pads, which I love to have the option of using. Justr wish other styples came with removaable pads as well.

      Cynthia Ventress
      Fit: True To Size
      Conditions: Latex and spandex allergy caused itchy rashes
      What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Latex-Free and Spandex-Free, Natural Organic Cotton, Chemical-Free, Formaldehyde-Free
      What made you choose Cottonique?: Latex-Allergy, Sensitive Skin, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Multi-Chemical Sensitivities
      Finally a Bra I Can Wear!!!

      This bra is so comfortable! For many years I have only worn a camisole or undershirt due to latex and spandex allergies. AlLL bras I tried gave me an itchy rash. So HAPPY to find this bra that I can wear all day with no problems. I purchased it in several colors. Thank you Cottonique!

      Deborah Smith
      Love it! Make more designs

      Great quality, very comfortable. I order larger than needed just for comfort. I would like to have one that is not racer back.

      Kaissa Gurvine

      Women's Racerback Croptop Bra

      Kaissa Gurvine

      Women's Racerback Croptop Bra

      Renée P
      Racerback Croptop Bra 👍

      Very comfortable. Non irritating. I’ve purchased all colors. Grey ran small.

      Danielle Deopere

      Love it!

      Nancy Van Affelen
      allergy free support bra

      turned out very comfortable. washes well and will fit in exercise clothing and even swimming if needed.

      Linda Vermett
      Racerback croptop bra

      The material and thickness are good. I’m taking the pads out. The straps come up pretty high to the neck so can’t be worn with every neckline without showing.