Elastic-free Organic Bottom Sheet

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Fitted Sheet Style

Elevate your sleep experience with a touch of elegance and environmentally responsible luxury. Our AIZOME Fitted Sheet is consciously made from 100% organic cotton, with a soft sateen weave made from 100% organic cotton that is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, providing allergen-free, skin-soothing comfort.Dyed with medicinal plants like natural indigo, madder, or nutgalls, our fitted sheets showcase beautiful, all-natural colors that remain vibrant even after machine washing. 

  • Thermo-regulating properties for optimal sleep comfort year-round.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably produced.
  • 100% sateen woven GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Machine wash safe
  • Aizome Forever Warranty
  • Available in 5 colors

Free from petrochemicals, microplastics, and all toxins, allergens, and irritants, our products are designed specifically for sensitive skin, and for the healthiest sleep experience for anyone looking to avoid toxins, allergens, mold, bacteria, or petrochemicals.

There is no elastic present in this product. The drawstring bottom sheet is made entirely free from elastic using a 100% Cotton braided drawstring that runs through sewn pockets at the edges of the sheet to allow for tightening to fit the sheet snuggly to the mattress.

The flat bottom sheet option is similar to a flat top sheet, and can simply be tucked under the mattress to create a bottom sheet free from allergens, irritants, and synthetic chemicals.

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At AIZOME, health, beauty, and sustainability are woven together with an uncompromising dedication to your well-being. Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, AIZOME’s 100% organic cotton fabric is carefully infused with medicinal plant dyes, such as indigo, known for their skin-soothing properties. Free from all allergens, toxins, and synthetic chemicals and dyes, AIZOME bedding is perfect for anyone looking to pamper their skin, or to avoid sleeping with allergens, mold, bacteria, and petrochemicals.

Inspired by ancient Japanese craftsmanship and holistic wisdom, AIZOME’s patent-pending technology enables them to produce exceptionally healthy, consciously sustainable bed sheets which have been recognized by the National Eczema Association as innovative products bringing benefit and improving quality of life for individuals suffering from eczema and sensitive skin.

Discover the benefits of AIZOME for yourself, and sleep -- the way nature intended!


Plant color that doesn’t bleed, quality that doesn’t fade. Made possible through sound. AIZOME’s innovative dyeing process uses ultrasound to bind plant molecules to the fiber, ensuring long-lasting color and health benefits without using a single drop of synthetic chemicals.


How do conventional bed sheets or clothing affect my health?

It is well-known and documented that the dyeing process of textiles releases hazardous chemicals into the environment. These chemicals carry over into the finished products.

Your skin and body is in contact daily with these chemicals. Those chemicals potentially pose a risk to your health and may cause skin irritation, affect reproduction and carcinogenicity.

Do your beddings contain any latex or elastic?

There is no elastic present in this product. The drawstring bottom sheet is made entirely free from elastic using a 100% Cotton braided drawstring that runs through sewn pockets at the edges of the sheet to allow for tightening to fit the sheet snuggly to the mattress. Additionally, there is no elastic present in the pillow cases, and the duvet cover is closed using 100% organic cotton ties.

I hate bed mites. Can Aizome help control my bed mites?

We hate bed mites, too! Bed mites love synthetic fabric like polyester. Because Aizome is made with all organic and natural materials, the fabric naturally repels bacteria and bed mites, keeping those bad boys away.

Is your beddings cotton organic?

Yes. Our cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

Is you beddings dermatologically tested?

Yes, all our products are tested by dermatologist-led institute to verify that they are safe for skin and hypoallergenic. AIZOME Bedding has the highest quality standards performing various tests and verification on our fabrics.

How should I take care of my Aizome bed sheets? Can they be washed and dried in the machine?

AIZOME products are machine-washable. Ideally, to maintain the most soft, vibrant bed sheets and clothing, we recommend:

Do not bleach
Lay flat to dry if possible
Wash at up to 140°F / 60°C
Aizome products are machine-dryable, but may fade over long periods of time like most other fabrics put in the dryer.

Should I wash Aizome bedsheets before I use them?

No - since we don't use toxic chemicals or bleaches in the fabric, you do not need to wash your Aizome products when you first get them. They are ready to be used right away!

Is this indigo the same as in my jeans?

Most likely not - your jeans probably contain chemical (synthetic) indigo that can be highly toxic in its pure form, not natural indigo like Aizome uses.

Will the color of Aizome products fade?

We use a proprietary technology that uses high-frequency sound waves to blast the liquid dye into the fabric. The result is textiles without chemicals where the color won't run. We've tested our products to see how fast the color will fade from the fabric (color-fastness test) and they rank within the highest level of color fastness. This means our fabrics retain color more than most other fabrics.

Guarantee & Warranty

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Customer Testimonials:
  • "I have longer uninterrupted sleep with AIZOME sheets."
  • "My skin feels a lot less irritated and I don't get as hot as I used to when sleeping with AIZOME sheets."
  • "I am telling others with eczema about AIZOME sheets."
  • “AIZOME sheets are easily the best sheets out there. They’re cooling, soft, comfortable, and chemical-free, and the quality is superb!”