Why should you care about organic cotton?

Don’t ignore the hard facts when there are viable alternatives at the same price.

Organic cotton fabric allows your body to breathe more reducing perspiration and the feeling of stickiness.

So all you men out there, and you know who you are, who get the horrid feeling of underarm perspiration; organic cotton can help you reduce this.

Organic cotton allows the natural odours from your body to be released more easily and does not hold body odours or discolouration after washing.

Once again one for the sweaty men, but also for both genders when trying to shake the food and smoke smells from your clothes.

Organic cotton is softer to the touch and feels wonderful against your skin.

For those who like the skin they are in and wish to protect it, avoid putting pesticides and insecticides next to your skin. The soft feel is just magical.

Organic cotton garments contain no residual toxic substances. So you know your health and particularly your skin is safe.

This is a huge point, spending money to protect our skin from sun damage or ageing is a multi billion dollar industry. What is the point if we are ruining our skin with residual chemicals from pesticide and insecticide spraying present in regular cotton. Wear organic and avoid the cost to your skin and bank balance.

Organic cotton is not striped of its natural wax, this;

· increases the smoothness of the fabric;

· promotes a flattering drape;

· enhances the subtle yet mellowing way it absorbs and reflects light.

So you are not convinced by the above well this must have got you. If there is a point to buying new clothing it is to look damn good, right?! So if organic cotton garments are going to look better on you then they simply are a must.

The simple fact that organic cotton is better; for the environment, for the farmers and the workers is not the principle reason that you as regular consumers will feel it necessary to go out and purchase organic cotton clothing. Why?! Because quite literally this goes against your human desire. Human desire comes down to what you get out of it. Now on a basic level the majority of the market will not see the far reaching benefits of organic over regular cotton. So forget the far reaching humanitarian and environmental advantages and listen to the direct benefits to you as the purchaser, wearer or giver. Don’t ignore the glaringly obvious, buy organic cotton.

by: James McAloon, March 3,2010 (http://excentree.com/blog/?p=119)


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