5 more ways you make a BIG difference when you buy organic cotton

Eat healthy, stay strong!
What’s in your cookies & chips? Read the labels: Carcinogenic pesticides and other additives are present in cottonseed oil and other byproducts of conventional cotton production, and our fat cells store them.

Eat healthy, stay strong II
Genetically engineered cotton has all kinds of stuff we’ve never eaten before: viral promoters, antibiotic-resistant genes, special bacteria.

Reduce premature death and suffering
Pesticide poisoning kills 20-40,000 people a year, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Three million suffer from pesticide-related disease.

Reduce cancer risks among California’s ag workers and millions who breathe the air and drink the water
Five of the nine most-used pesticides on California cotton fields are carcinogenic (cyanazine, dicofol, naled, propargite and trifluralin).

Preserve Nature’s insect predators–the good bugs
Pesticides and insecticides kill the good bugs–ladybugs, spiders, and parasitic wasps–who gobble up the bad bugs. When the bad bugs flare up again, farmers apply more poisons and the “pesticide treadmill” perpetuates.


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