Morning Rituals for People with Eczema

Morning Rituals for People with Eczema

When you’re suffering from eczema every morning requires a few rituals that you should practice religiously so that you’ll get to enjoy the rest of the day with minor to zero disturbances from your skin condition.

Here are some of the morning rituals for people with eczema:

Wet wrap therapy

This practice is often done at night before you go to bed and it’s used to keep your skin moist throughout the night while you sleep. It’s a great way to prevent flare-ups during the night and in the morning.

  • Get some clean gauze or cotton clothing and moisten it until it is slightly damp. Remember to use warm water and not too hot water
  • Once damp, wrap the cloth around the areas where your eczema often flares up
  • Secure the clothing with a dry dressing and put on your pajamas carefully so as not to disturb the dressing
  • Leave the dressing on your skin for the entire evening
  • Remove the dressing in the morning when you wake up

    Dry wrap therapy

    In the morning after you’ve removed the dressing you used the night before take a short shower to clean up and moisten your skin some more. Remember not to use hot water in your shower. Instead, start off with warm water and gradually turn the nozzle of your shower so that you’ll end up washing off with cold water.

    After that follow these steps:

    1. Apply your eczema ointment on areas of your body where flare-ups often occur.
    2. Wrap those areas with clean gauze to ensure that the ointment seeps into the skin.
    3. Put on clothes that are loose and free from synthetic materials so that it won’t disturb the dressing and the fabric won’t trigger any allergies on other parts of your body.

    Check the weather outside

    Now when you’re done with your morning rituals and you’re ready to go outside and face the world rein yourself in first and see if the weather outside is favorable to your condition.

    If the weather is cold then bundle up because cold weather can dry your skin, but try to stay away from wool sweaters because they can be very itchy and that’s the last thing you need for your skin. Instead, choose pure organic cotton thermal underwear to keep yourself warm because they’re softer on the skin and more hypoallergenic.

    If it’s hot your best choice of clothing is still pure organic cotton because it’s breathable, which is what people with eczema needs for their skin. Also, pure organic cotton clothes don’t have synthetic fibers that can trigger eczema so you’re very safe with this fabric.

    People with eczema require a different set of morning rituals compared to other people and it may be more difficult for them. But by following the suggestions above going through the rest of your day won’t be as difficult as getting up in the morning with eczema.

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