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Summer Skin Problems You Can Prevent

Summer Skin Problems You Can Prevent

Summer is here and that means it’s time to don that swimsuit once more and head out to the beach for some fun under the sun! But before you head out to the nearest beach party it’s important that you be aware of the possible skin problems you might experience during this season of fun.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to prevent these irritating skin problems from ruining your summer. So without further ado here are some common skin problems that often occur during summer and here are ways to prevent them.

Yeast infection

Its scientific name is tinea versicolor and this skin problem occurs in places where it’s humid all the time. But if it’s summertime you might also get this irritating skin problem no matter where you are. Don’t worry though because there’s an easy way to get rid of this debilitating problem.

Stay clean at all times. Yes, it’s that simple. Yeast lives in our skin and it often becomes aggravated during summer months, especially, when sweat stays on your skin. So after working out make sure to shower and rinse off the sweat so that the yeast in your skin won’t break out into a nasty infection. According to experts, you can use soap with pyrithione zinc, which is proven to be effective in preventing yeast overgrowth.

Poison Rash

Summertime is also the best time to bring out your tent and head to the woods to commune with nature. But nature can be unpredictable and there are dangerous plants in every forest that can cause skin allergies. One particular plant you should avoid is poison ivy, which can cause a severe skin rash and put your camping activity to a sudden halt.

Fortunately, one easy way to avoid this rash is to just avoid contact with poison ivy. Go online and find out what poison ivy looks like so you can avoid it at all costs. But if you do get into contact with this nasty little plant be sure to bring with you any over-the-counter hydrocortisone and lather it on the affected areas of your skin.

Heat Rash 

Rashes that look like tiny dots can dampen your summer-loving spirit and scratching it will only make it worse. Heat rash is often caused by sweat getting trapped under warm clothes. And even though its summertime and you’re likely to wear cooler clothes there are some areas of your body that can still prevent air from cooling your skin.

One easy way to relieve this itch is to wear clothes that do not keep away air and clothes made of cotton are the best option for this. Cottonique apparel are made of pure organic cotton and all of the materials that were added to its fabric are hypoallergenic as well, which ensures that you won’t get those nasty heat rashes during summer.


Summer is also a great time to head to the gym and restart your journey into getting leaner and healthier. But even when you’re working out there’s a slight chance that skin problems can occur. According to experts tight shorts or gym attire can cause debilitating skin problems such as folliculitis. Yeast love warmth and tight areas of your skin so when you’re working out and you’re wearing gym attire with spandex in it there’s a chance that you’ll experience folliculitis.

Fortunately, there are gym wear that’s free from spandex or latex and that are still elastic enough to keep your workout gear in firm shape while you’re running on the treadmill. If you don’t have those outfits yet choose gym wear that uses drawstrings instead of spandex so that you can work out without loosening your shorts or tops. Also, wear workout attire that uses cotton so that your skin can breathe and prevent yeast from building up in your body. Finally, after every workout make sure to rinse off your sweat by taking a shower immediately.

Atopic Dermatitis

This skin problem can occur even when it’s not summertime and oftentimes its kids who get the short end of the stick on this one. Atopic dermatitis is also known as Eczema and by other names and kids usually get this skin problem at a very early age. They often look like dry and scaly patches on the skin and according to experts atopic dermatitis often occurs in children who have a family history of allergies.

Although atopic dermatitis can occur anytime of the year summertime can sometimes aggravate this condition due to the dry climate. Fortunately, there are ways to counter this skin problem and if you or your child is suffering from atopic dermatitis make sure to moisturize your skin and your kids’ regularly to keep it from becoming too dry. Experts say that petroleum jelly works better than thinner lotions in moisturizing dry skin so use them as often as needed. Also, try not to use harsh soaps and wear fabric with lots of organic cotton to let your skin breathe freely.

Summer is definitely a time to have lots of fun under the sun and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the chance to enjoy it fully. If you simply follow these easy steps you can prevent getting any skin problems making summertime this year a memorable one for you and your whole family.

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