Safe, Reliable, and Hypoallergenic Ways to Clothe Your Baby's Sensitive Skin

The Cottonique Infant Collection was created for concerned proactive parents who want the best for their babies. This new collection for baby clothing has received tremendous consumer interest from those frustrated with the lack of “pure” apparel on the market for infants.

San Francisco, CA January 28, 2009—

Skin is at its most delicate in the first three years of life, since it is not yet fully developed. Baby skin loses moisture faster than adult skin, making it more vulnerable to dryness. It is also three times thinner, making it more susceptible to harmful irritants and bacteria that lead to infection, and possible long-term ailments. These can be best avoided by ensuring that whatever touches a baby’s sensitive skin is hypoallergenic.

However, allergens found in materials like latex and spandex are present in the materials of most clothing brands, and allergens like color dyes, formaldehyde resins, chromates, nickel, perfumes, glue, leathers, and pesticides are included in their manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the skin’s function as the body’s temperature control is, likewise, not yet fully developed in infants, resulting in skin allergies caused by a baby’s inability to cope with changes in temperature.

Recently, an allergy-free apparel company called Cottonique, Inc. brought the idea of hypoallergenic into clothing. Combining scientific research, state-of-the-art technologies and a revolutionary approach to manufacturing apparel, the company has started producing high quality, allergy-free apparel, without the use of irritants that are commonly found in most clothing brands that can cause skin allergies.

“Skin allergies are among the fastest growing chronic childhood diseases,” discloses Vinesh Genomal, Vice President of Cottonique. “’Chemical-free’ parenting is not a trend these days, but a necessity.”

Cottonique does not use dye in manufacturing its apparel. Moreover, the company employs an ingenious fabric-knitting process that allows the material to retain the fit and stretch of commonly found apparel without the danger of latex allergy, spandex allergy or chemical sensitivity; as well as an innovative hydro-pressure purification process that produces 100% pure, natural cotton which is resin-free, formaldehyde-free, chemical-free and hypoallergenic and which is as soft as brushed cotton yet as durable as Pima or Egyptian cotton.

Genomal assures parents that all their products remain highly breathable, comfortable, functional, and safe for a baby’s sensitive skin. “Our exceptionally soft cotton onesies, coveralls, pants, pajamas, booties and bonnets are naturally hypoallergenic, chemical-free and have a special seaming technology that lessens skin irritations.”

Genomal, likewise, advices parents that the best solution for every newborn baby and growing child in his or her early stage of life is Cottonique. “For parents looking to detoxify their baby’s wardrobe, we are delighted to offer you our line of allergy-free baby clothing at our website,”

To learn more about allergy-free apparel, visit the website,, or email customer service at customerservice (at)

Cottonique, Inc. is dedicated to finding safe, innovative clothing solutions for people with sensitive skin, skin allergy and other skin conditions. They produce hypoallergenic clothing and underwear in a controlled, allergen-free environment in their 60,000 square foot factory in the Philippines. Their products are available online through their website,

Vinesh Genomal
VP - Marketing
Cottonique, Inc.
1-888-90-COTTON (26886)

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