Truly Natural, Truly Organic

The greatest benefit of Cottonique is its chemical free properties. Cottonique uses organic cotton sourced from pesticide-free farms. The cotton is then subjected through an entirely chemical free fabric production process and then sewn into garments in a contamination free manufacturing facility. This makes Cottonique truly organic in every sense.

Unfortunately, the term ‘Organic’ when referring to cotton apparel has been grossly misused by many apparel producers. The products which they claim to be organic (because their cotton comes from pesticide free farms) are actually produced with textile chemicals eg. optical brighteners, fabric softeners, shrinkage control resins and other fabric enhancers. These chemicals are not only damaging to our health but to our environment as well. Fortunately for you, at Cottonique we make sure that none of these non-organic chemicals are used in our garments.