Delivering Comfort Beyond Clothing with Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc.

If only the walls of orphanages, hospitals, and children’s centers could talk, they would likely reveal captivating stories of how Cottonique, as the world’s leading authority in allergy-free clothing, has gone beyond mere apparel to provide comfort.

Behind the seams of our fabric lies a heartfelt initiative that transcends manufacturing hypoallergenic garments. It's a narrative woven with compassion, empowerment, and hope, propelling Cottonique to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Since its inception in 2008, Cottonique has understood the importance of not only offering high-quality, hypoallergenic clothing but also contributing to the well-being of the communities where we operate. We actively engage in philanthropic endeavors by donating hypoallergenic products to charities.

"We believe in giving back to those in need and supporting dedicated initiatives that promote well-being and inclusivity. Whether it's donating clothing to children in need or funding medical treatments for the underprivileged, Cottonique fosters a sense of hope and comfort in the lives of those who need it most," shared Vinnie Genomal, Cottonique’s President.

Driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, we took the initiative to support a foundation that embodies the same compassion and generosity as Cottonique. What began as a simple act of curiosity soon blossomed into a partnership founded on mutual respect, shared values, and a unified vision—a common goal we continuously share with Chummy Chum Foundation Philippines Inc. (CCFPI).


The story behind the partnership between CCFPI and Cottonique is one of serendipity and compassion. It all began when Cottonique witnessed the stream of sick children from impoverished families seeking assistance at the foundation's doorstep.

“Witnessing the children's medical struggles deeply moved the management of Cottonique. Out of curiosity, they decided to explore the Facebook page of CCFPI and were impressed by the foundation's transparent approach regarding the utilization of donations they receive,” shared Maribeth Chuidian, Vice President for Operations of CCFPI, in an interview.

According to her, their transparency concerning the donations, coupled with the evident impact of their work, prompted Cottonique to initiate donations to CCFPI. While the foundation typically refrains from actively seeking cash donations, except when offered voluntarily, Cottonique demonstrated a sincere commitment to assisting the most vulnerable children in need.

"At times, Cottonique participated in charity events organized by CCFPI, held at public hospitals and impoverished communities. It's truly heart-wrenching to encounter underprivileged children, particularly those facing terminal illnesses. Through CCFPI, Cottonique was able to extend support to children with urgent medical and nutritional requirements," she recounted, reflecting on moments of solace where children exhibited profound joy.


CCFPI strives to bring joy and laughter into children’s lives, offering comfort and companionship throughout their challenging experiences. They believe that every child, irrespective of their background or beliefs, should be treated with tenderness, compassionately listened to, and valued as individuals deserving of kindness and respect.

When asked about how CCFPI has utilized the donations provided by Cottonique, Chuidian revealed that said donations are allocated exclusively for program implementation.

“Overall, Cottonique's continued support has been integral to the success of CCFPI's programs, accounting for approximately 40% of our total program implementation,” she said, emphasizing that Cottonique has been instrumental in furthering their mission of bringing comfort and assistance to children in need.

"We are immensely grateful for Cottonique's ongoing partnership and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children in the Philippines," she added.

Currently, CCFPI operates three primary programs: 'Smile For Me Little One,' which organizes charity children's parties for underprivileged and ill children; the Child Medical Assistance Program, tailored to meet the medical requirements of economically disadvantaged pediatric patients; and the Infant Survival Program, dedicated to providing incubators and ventilators to patients receiving treatment at public hospitals at no cost.


The impact of our contributions extends far beyond mere material assistance. While we do not ask our beneficiaries to create testimonials for our donations, the profound impact on them is undeniable. According to Chuidian, one poignant example is that of a terminally ill pediatric patient whose last days were brightened by a surprise visit from Chummy Chum, CCFPI's mascot.

“The child appeared extremely frail, devoid of emotions, as if burdened with immense pain. Chummy Chum, our mascot, decided to pay him a surprise visit, taking the time to sit and chat with him. During their interaction, the sick child managed to muster a smile, marking the first time since his hospitalization,” she said.

“Witnessing this brought immense joy to the parents. Sadly, just a few days later, the child passed away. However, he left behind a cherished memory—the image of that final smile, which brought solace and warmth to all who witnessed it.”


For CCFPI, the generous and supportive hand held out by Cottonique over the years truly empowered them to become a beacon of hope and inspiration to the most vulnerable members of society. The programs initiated by the foundation, which have received wholehearted support from Cottonique, serve as a compelling example of what can be achieved when compassion and generosity unite in the service of others.

Asked to convey a message to Cottonique, Chuidian expressed heartfelt gratitude: "We deeply appreciate your generous contributions. At CCFPI, we are committed to ensuring that every donation is directed towards its intended recipient. The foundation extends its best wishes for the continued success of Cottonique, enabling it to positively impact even more lives and provide assistance to those in need."


For Cottonique, the foundation's unwavering dedication to improving the lives of underprivileged children struck a chord with us, igniting a desire to contribute meaningfully to society. As such, we firmly believe that our assistance should extend from children to individuals who suffer from skin trauma and elderly individuals with skin sensitivities in the future.

Looking ahead, we aspire to collaborate with organizations dedicated to caring for the elderly, as well as homes for the aged and trauma wards in various hospitals. This involves providing them with hypoallergenic clothing products, including T-shirts, pants, briefs, panties, bras, socks, and masks that bring unbeatable comfort without irritating their skin.

Vinnie shared that the brand also aims to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing skin sensitivities and contribute to building stronger, healthier communities. “By seeking philanthropic endeavors, our objective is to effect real change in the lives of those who are most in need. Together, we have the power to forge a brighter, more inclusive future,” he concluded.

In a world full of obstacles and doubts, Cottonique and CCFPI’s collaboration serves as a reminder that, in the end, kindness and compassion are the true catalysts for transforming lives and fostering positive change in our world.

To learn more about our philanthropic endeavors, read: Cottonique's Commitment to Doing Good.