Hypoallergenic Contoured Face Mask with Adjustable Earloops (3/pack)

$19.75 USD

Your most natural choice when it comes to comfort and protection

The "new normal" can’t take away your comfort zone when you use our Hypoallergenic Contoured Face Mask with Adjustable Earloops. With comfort, protection, and sustainability in mind, this mask, made from 100% organic cotton, covers the nose bridge, rests freely on your chin and cheeks, and supports non-binding feel upon wearing. The added internal pocket also allows users to insert a filter as a layer of protection while keeping you safe from allergens and virus-carrying droplets. It's the most practical pick when you're going organic. 

  • Integrated Internal Pocket for filter Inserts (The filter pocket allows the user to insert either an N95 type filter or a coffee filter or shop towel /dry wet-wipe. While we don't encourage alternatives to the N95 type, they may serve as a layer of protection download here the pattern for the filter)
  • Full coverage contoured design fits snuggly on the nose bridge and helps to protect the face from hand touch
  • Two-ply 100% organic cotton material for added filtration
  • Paneled under-chin support for comfortable non-binding feel
  • Soft, cotton adjustable earloops for a snug fit preventing ear abrasion
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin 
  • Without latex and spandex
  • Free from chemicals and synthetics

      How Fabric Masks Can Serve As A Protective Layer Against Covid-19
      People Who Wear Face Masks Touch Their Faces Less, Research Shows

      Product Fit
      Product Care

      While we have used less harsh dyes for our Cottonique Color Collection, these products are intended specifically for individuals with sensitivities to Latex, Spandex and Formaldehyde.

      For Colored items, we use premium quality core spun thread that combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a natural cotton cover. It is a cotton wrapped polyester core thread.


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 258 reviews
        Judy Piazza

        Comfy! They are a bit large for my face, but I can pull it down a bit from my eyes.
        it feels safe over the nose to me even without a wire. Thank you

        Happy in Los Angeles
        Mother and son

        I purchased these masks for myself because of skin sensitivity issues. I didn’t expect my son to love my masks! He asked for one mask when I was unpacking my shipment. After wearing it for 24 hours, he asked me to order him some. He found your masks much more comfortable than the one’s he was using. To this day, he continues to use ONLY your masks! Mother and son very happy with your product! Thank you!

        Michael Morway
        Excellent purchase.

        Masks are extremely comfortable. I really like the pocket for inserts. And they wash well.

        The only one he wears

        This is the only mask my husband wears. Every other one we have tried and wasted money on were too small. These wash great and fit comfortably. Definitely recommend.

        Jessica Sanchez

        These masks are very comfy and breathable. I love that they have the ear adjusters. Plus, they are skin safe!

        Dee Koehl
        The masks

        the masks took a little while to get here but I'm very pleased with how comfortable they are. They are deep enough to cover the chin and tuck under my glasses to decrease the fogging up.

        Jennifer Blum
        Great Mask!

        Love these masks.. very comfortable.. love the adjustable ear loops ..

        Laryna Billinghurst

        Hypoallergenic Contoured Face Mask with Adjustable Earloops (3/pack)

        Terri Levin
        Cottonique face masks

        Cottonique face masks are the best! I have tried many others and spent over a hundred dollars before I found Cottonique. I am able to wear them for eight hours a day with no problems. The comfort and value makes Cottonique the best choice for masks!

        Linda Rubin

        Very soft and comfortable, breathable and does not irritate my skin