Women's Racerback Pullover Bra (Queen)

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Allergy-free relief with wire-free support

Most bras sold today contain latex and Spandex in their elastic bands and straps, in addition to irritating synthetics and chemical finishes that together cause itchy rashes or even dangerous allergic reactions. This is why we removed all of these plus those annoying underwires and clasps in our hypoallergenic racerback pullover bra. What we give you instead is a bra made using 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric that feels comfortable enough to be worn all day without the risk of triggering any allergic reactions.

Allergen and chemical-free construction combined with a non-itch design gives you support with no-compromise prevention of skin allergies and irritation, ideal for the most severe allergies and sensitivities.


  • Stylish V-neck neckline
  • Racerback style for full support
  • Hypoallergenic bra ring for strap extra support
  • Double-layered cotton lining
  • Latex-free, spandex-free elastic band for support and comfort
  • Underwire-free and designed to be non-restrictive to movement
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
  • Without chemicals and synthetics

      Latex-free Bras
      Breathe Easy With Cottonique’s Allergy-free Bras

      Size & Fit
      • Regular Fit with full support
      • RaceBack
      • Model is 5'9" with a 40-inch bust and wears size 40C.


      Bra Note:

      Please be informed that our bras are 100% hypoallergenic, which means we do not include any spandex in our fabric. Some of our customers may find that the bras do not fit well all because they do not have extra stretch. The adjustment straps and front closure clasps are there to ensure that these bras will fit them nicely.

      Product Care

      For a continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we recommend hand-washing your bras at less than 30°C with a mild detergent. Hang dry, do not tumble dry

      Note: The latex and spandex-free elastic that we utilize in some of our products contains a synthetic material that’s very different from polyester. We then wrapped the said elastic using our 100% organic cotton. If you're unsure about our elastic and its potential effects on your skin, you may opt to check our Allergic Contact Dermatitis product line.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Dawn Harris
      No longer get irritated skin from my bra!

      Whenever I wore a bra my skin would become red and raised wherever the bra touched me! And the itch was unbearable once the bra came off! Then, I found Cottonique! I can wear bras again comfortably! Thank you Cottonique!


      THANK YOU!

      Christine Palmer
      Weird pucker in larger sizes

      Ok, so I just received this bra hoping to be able to wear it in an MRI. I am large, like normally 40DDD. So I measured myself per their instructions and came up with 44DD. Was delighted to see that there is a bit of give to the fabric used on the back of the bra, and it actually went around me, which is great. BUT... the cups size is probably 2x too big and the way the seam is, right over the nipple, there’s a weird pucker. It would obviously be there even if I managed to fill up the cups. Nobody big wants to look like they project 2” farther out than they actually do, let alone look like 1950s torpedo tits! At least if the cups were smooth you could sag into them. Sad to see it looks like all styles are structured the same way. Really sad I paid as much for shipping as I did the bra. Guess it’s going into the goodwill bag and the girls will just have to lay in my elbows for the 6 upcoming MRIs.

      Jamie Kinder
      Very soft and no allergic reaction!

      This bra does not fit me well, but I am giving it a 5 star rating because it is truly hypo allergenic. The actual bra does not give support, although it is very comfortable! The straps also show with just about every top I wear. Still, I like this bra better than the option with the front closures as this one does fit better on me than that option does. I will continue to order from this company. I will say that lounging around the house makes this the perfect bra; just not very good under clothes for support.

      C A Haines
      Maybe a bigger cup size

      Bra is comfortable and I ordered the same size as the front closing ones. But, I keep popping out of the racer back. Maybe a DD would have worked better for me. The front closure ones fit right but the snaps in front show through tee shirts which I don’t like

      Mary W Manguse
      Smaller band and larger cup

      This is the second bra i’ve purchased. I like the fabric (good for people like me with sensitive skin) and cut (racer back). I actually need a smaller band, your smallest is 40, and a larger cup. I bought this style in the 40 DD, but would really like to try 38 DD (or one size lager cup).

      Women's Racerback Pullover Bra

      I have not been able to wear the bra because I cannot adjust the straps. The plastic slide will not work; perhaps it is too small for the thickness of the straps. I haven't figured out how to solve the problem.

      Brenda MacWilliam
      Women's racer Back pull on bra

      Probably my fault-fits smaller than my regular bra. I didn't take into account that there is no stretch. Plus not wearing a bra ( developed a horrendous latex allergy in June) for most of the summer may have changed my size. I will reorder again. The shipping and handling ( of course) is quite costly as well. My skin was very happy with the material.

      Cathy Mueller
      Not what I expected

      The bra was too large even though I ordered my usual size and was expecting front closures not pullover

      Angela Bayley
      Not what I was hoping for

      Bra was a snug fit getting on and felt great! However, if I bent over at all...out I popped. Will not buy this particular bra again, although I love my other Cottonique bras.