Women's Elasticized Boxer Brief (2 pack)

Product Description

Find your perfect, comfortable fit!

Move with utmost ease and comfort, thanks to our 100% organic cotton boxer briefs! These beautifully designed bottoms allow a full range of motion for even the toughest workouts, while the soft, breathable fabric keeps you feeling fresh. Our special latex- and spandex-free elastic waistbands eliminate allergic reactions and chafing. While ideal for active lifestyles, these women's boxer briefs are just as great for lazy days at home. Stay comfy all day with our boxer briefs!


  • Chemical-free, Synthetic-free, 100% Organic cotton fabric
  • Spandex-free and latex-free elastic waistband
  • 1×1 Rib for contoured fit
  • Completely latex-free for sensitive skin
  • Purified organic cotton process
  • Irritation-Free label for sensitive skin
  • Textile Dye-free & Resin-free for sensitive skin

Ideal For:

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Latex Allergy more
  • Contact Dermatitis more
  • Textile Dye Dermatitis more
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Recognized by:

 *Free from Gallate chemicals, Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), Carba mix chemicals, Thiurams, Chlorocresol, Latex, Spandex and other harsh chemicals

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    Cottonique Wear and Care Instructions

    To get the real benefits from wearing Cottonique, please follow carefully these instructions:

    • Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not bleach Cottonique as it will damage the hypo-allergenic properties as well as the aesthetics of the fabric.
    • Use a cool iron if necessary
    • Cottonique should be washed using a mild non-biological detergent, then rinsed thoroughly.
    • It is government regulation that all products must contain an information label, we decided to produce this label with cotton, keeping it as soft as the garment. In order to get the full benefits of Cottonique’s irritation-free comfort, we still recommend you cut off this label.