Organic Cotton Knitwear Care Guide

At Cottonique, we believe that investing in reliable knits that you can wear, layer, and mix and match is the cornerstone of any functional wardrobe. And when the cold weather hits, quality knitwear becomes an absolute must. 

We all enjoy the extreme comfort that knitwear pieces bring, all thanks to its breathable rib-knit fabric that provides softness with every wear. They’re perfect for layering, traveling, curling up on the couch, unwinding at home after a tiring week, or running errands under chilly weather. 

However, in addition to recognizing the merits of knitwear pieces, we also want you to know the best ways to take care of them to prevent mishaps from happening. After all, just like other clothing pieces, we want our allergy-free organic cotton knitwear pieces to delight you as long as possible.


Knitwear pieces, just like us, also need time to recover. That's the reason why one of the rules of taking care of them is to give them a rest.

  • Keep your knits folded in a drawer or shelf, but not in too thick piles.
  • Don’t hang knitwear pieces since they get stretched and deformed on hangers.


In order to preserve the quality, retain shape, and maintain continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we recommend washing our organic cotton knitted garments at no less than 30°C with a mild detergent. 

  • If using the washing machine, gentle cycle only.
  • Wash with like colors.
  • Do not use harsh detergents, bleach, and stain removers. 
  • Do not soak knitwear in which there is a yarn of several colors.
  • Opt for a gentle, eco-friendly detergent to maintain the appearance. 


If washing by hand, soak for 5–10 minutes and rinse well. Roll your knit in a fresh towel and gently press it to absorb the water. To maintain the correct size and shape, it's best to lay the knitwear pieces flat rather than hanging on a drying rack.

  • Stretch it out gently to the correct shape whilst damp from washing.
  • Avoid exposing your knitwear to high temperatures and direct sunlight.


Are you seeing some pilling, spools, or pellets on your knitwear clothes? Don't worry, they are perfectly normal. Although the pilling cannot be fully avoided, you can reduce it by limiting friction where possible.

  • Avoid bags and belts that rub against the knit fabric.
  • Avoid iron; use a steamer instead. 

We hope that these pointers will help you enjoy your allergy-free organic cotton knitwear for many more seasons.