About us


Unlike other stories, our humble beginnings started quite differently with an open-ended question: "What should people with allergies wear?"

It was a question not only fueled by curiosity but deliberately made in search of necessity; an inquiry we never thought of answering, yet we were able to provide solutions to.  



Our quest to find solutions to our very own dilemma began when we seemingly ran out of dermatologists to reach out to. In our pursuit of comfort beyond irritation, a doctor shared that for people who have allergies to get back to their normal lives, the greatest cure seems to be prevention through 100% cotton clothing.

Coming from a family that triumphed over 60 years of garment expertise, the seemingly preposterous advice brought us to a realization that there’s no such thing as 100% cotton clothing.

It has become standard industry practice for manufacturers over the years to use fabric enhancers like parabens, dyes, bleaches, latex, and other non-organic materials to create garments.

This is mainly the reason why people who have skin allergies are grasping at straws just to save themselves out of the rough seas of synthetic-blended clothing.

The rise of non-organic materials, which make garments more affordable and easy to produce, has put people with sensitive skin in sticky and itchy situations—an exact opposite of what pieces of clothing should offer.

Determined to turn the tides, Cottonique, through years of trials and errors, developed an entirely natural 100% organic cotton clothing that allows people to live easily without the use of synthetics.

Since 2008, we have built a loyal client base, working closely with each to know what they want and deliver highly comfortable and purely organic cotton products that would satisfy their needs for hypoallergenic clothing.

Simply put, with the various comfortable garments and high-quality products in our collections, we are a consumer-oriented apparel brand dedicated to serving our health and environmentally conscious consumers. 



We do everything organic. 

We, at Cottonique, believe that nature has the answer to the health concerns of millions of people all over the world. Going back to ancient times, people wore clothes mainly sourced from organic materials.

In fact, ancient Egyptians introduced to mankind the idea of underpants by using “schenti,” a loincloth made from woven materials using cotton and flax. Back then, clothing options were simple. 

The skin of man was once comfortable with clothes made from natural fibers. However, with the innovation of fabrics, it's no surprise that our skin reacts to synthetics––something that some of us are not accustomed to.

Our two areas of focus include: utilizing 100% organic cotton to give people the highest form of comfort they deserve and developing 100% hypoallergenic garments to help them live with ease despite having skin sensitivities. 

We know what's best for you. That's why we deliver products free from any chemicals and synthetic materials suitable for children, both men, and women.  

All our garments, from socks, face masks down to shirts and long sleeves, are made from pure combed cotton material, completely hypoallergenic to ensure your skin's safety from irritations.

We also have a research and development team that primarily focuses on natural materials and innovative technology to develop hygienic allergy-free products. 

More often than not, our esteemed customers are involved in our product research and development processes. They know what they need, and it is our duty to design products that fit those needs.



We develop products with function and fit without any of the harmful stuff.

With our aim to advance completely chemical-free clothing to our customers, we maintain our strong base for product research and utilize only the purest and finest materials in our arsenal. 

It is our primary initiative to see to it that foreign fibers or synthetics don’t contaminate our products. The cotton we use to produce our fabric is grown and harvested from organic cotton farms certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. 

From the time the yarn is spun, until the moment it is packed and shipped, every part of the production process is meticulously scrutinized. The elasticized garments that we utilize are also made from a newly developed material free from the harsh touch of latex and spandex. 

Our very own patented (CHTP®) hydro-thermal fabric finishing technology, meanwhile, does the magic. This technological wonder stabilizes the fabric using just heat and water, making them chemical-free, soft, and highly absorbent. 

It is also pH-balanced to conform to the body’s natural acidic level, breaking free from dyes, bleaches, and textile chemicals commonly used in other apparel.

From every thread, stitch, add-on, and even down to the labels that complement the very garment, Cottonique guarantees that our products provide quality comfort unlike any other.



As we strive to extend comfortable products, Cottonique also spares no effort to contribute to these key areas: conscious clothing, customer involvement, awareness on allergies, women empowerment and Fair Trade, and ecological footprint. 

The term "100% cotton clothing" now comes with a pinch of uncertainty as manufacturers utilize non-organic fabric enhancers to fool people into buying aesthetic yet low-quality garments.

To avoid misleading "Pure Cotton" labelings, Cottonique pushed boundaries to develop synthetic-free, all-cotton garments, continuously challenging itself to stress to people that understanding what goes into their clothing matters.

An integral part of our production process is customer involvement. We let our clients express ideas and discuss what products they need amid changing trends. We transform their simple concepts into a workable reality. 

A cornerstone of our business is to raise awareness. By producing timely and relevant articles, we create a platform not only to promote a greater understanding of clothing-related allergies but also to let those who have it know that they are not alone. 

A powerful initiative that we have taken on is women empowerment. We consider the vital importance of proactive women in our business. We also practice Fair Trade with our people by making sure they are happy and well-compensated.

Lastly, an environmentally aware company considers its responsibility towards the environment. We lessen our ecological footprint in our production processes through reductions in water, energy, chemical use, and other nature-friendly methods. 

We do all these things without compromising high-end ingredients, aesthetics, the environment, and the consumers' health to help everyone live better days.