Cottonique- Dye-free and Resin-free

Color dyes in clothing or textiles can be harmful to the skin. Cottonique does not contain any harmful dye substances like other underwear brands do. Color dyes in clothing have been linked to contact dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritations.

Most branded and un-branded garments commonly found in the market are shrinkage controlled with the use of resins. Almost all commercially used resins contain formaldehyde, and when not used with caution can result in serious damage to the skin. Cottonique’s fabric is shrinkage controlled mechanically, without the use of any chemicals. In addition, resins also leave an invisible film over the fabric, blocking or reducing moisture absorbency. Cottonique’s resin-free fabric will absorb moisture immediately upon contact. You can shop the entire Cottonique collection here.

Do it yourself test….. Place a few drops of water over Cottonique’s fabric and see how quickly the water is absorbed. Now try the same procedure on any newly purchased branded or unbranded cotton underwear fabric and see for yourself how long it takes for the water to be absorbed.