Our Earth-First Packaging

When you purchase clothing made of organic materials, you consider more than just your comfort. You also play a part in keeping our planet, the environment, and water resources clean, healthy, and protected.

At a time when environmental awareness is critical, clothing brands are working harder than ever to lessen their ecological footprint and adopt sustainable practices. Thus, we at Cottonique, an environmentally conscious company that values its commitment to the environment, remain determined to stay ahead of the curve.


We are aware that traditional plastic packaging frequently causes pollution and adds to the amount of waste dumped in landfills. However, the need to make our packaging more eco-friendly arises from pressing environmental concerns and sustainability imperatives.

Over the years, we have been made aware by our supportive customers that our previous packaging cannot be recycled easily due to the several layers of laminated film. When Kraft paper is laminated with non-recyclable or compostable materials, like some plastics or aluminum, the layers are challenging to separate during the recycling process, making the pouch less generally recyclable and biodegradable.

At Cottonique, we recognize the importance of preserving the environment for upcoming generations. Thus, we wasted no time in implementing a change that heeds the demands of our customers while caring for the environment. 


The use of Kraft paper, a well-known sustainable material, is at the forefront of our eco-friendly packaging design. Unlike traditional paper manufacturing processes, the production of Kraft paper involves minimal chemical treatments, resulting in a product that is both sturdy and environmentally friendly.

Because of its exceptional strength and durability, Kraft paper is a great material for packaging. It ensures the safe transportation and protection of goods with excellent tear, puncture, and moisture resistance. Kraft paper is also very customizable, providing opportunities for innovative branding while maintaining an eco-friendly perspective.


Complementing the Kraft paper top layer, our eco-friendly packaging features an inner lining crafted from PLA (polylactic acid) derived from cornstarch. PLA is a bioplastic made from renewable resources, most commonly derived from corn. By utilizing cornstarch as the base material, we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and promote a more sustainable production process.

Cornstarch-based PLA lining offers improved sustainability and decreased environmental impact when compared to conventional non-renewable plastic materials, ensuring that our packaging leaves the smallest possible carbon footprint after use. 

NOTE: Due to the use of an inner lining made from cornstarch-based PLA, you may occasionally notice a cornstarch-like smell in the packaging. This eco-friendly material is used to enhance sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of our packaging compared to non-renewable, petroleum-based plastics.

With the cornstarch-based PLA lining, our packaging leaves a smaller carbon footprint after use, promoting a more eco-conscious approach. So, if you notice the faint smell of cornstarch when you receive your orders, rest assured that it's a sign of nature at work, protecting the garments you cherish.


Introducing a more sustainable way to reduce environmental impact with every wear.

In over a decade of working as an environmentally-conscious apparel brand, we have always embraced the idea of sustainability. Cottonique aims to take its environmental responsibility up a notch by introducing our “Earth-First Packaging.” 

This new compostable packaging features a Kraft paper top layer and an inner lining crafted from cornstarch-derived PLA material. To significantly lessen the environmental impact of your wardrobe after use, you can take the following actions:

  • Cut the packaging into strips.
  • Put the pieces into your compost pit/pile.
  • Watch it safely return to Mother Earth within 180 days. 

Purity is at the heart of Cottonique's production process. From fabric sourcing to final touches, we meticulously avoid bleaches, pesticides, irritants, formaldehyde, synthetic textiles, rubber, latex, spandex, polyester, and microplastics.

In addition to providing 100% organic cotton, this commitment also includes environmental protection through eco-friendly packaging. Through this innovative packaging design, we strive to support eco-conscious living and provide our customers with a greener alternative that aligns with their values. 

By promoting compostability, our eco-friendly packaging not only ensures the safe transportation of our hypoallergenic products but also helps preserve the environment for an eco-conscious future. 

Truly, it’s a fresh appearance with an even greater cause. 

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