NYT Wirecutter gives nod to our Elite Plus Face Mask. Here's what they have to say.

NYT Wirecutter gives nod to our Elite Plus Face Mask. Here's what they have to say.

Even one of New York's most notable review websites can’t deny the efficiency of our handiwork.

After conducting tedious filtration-efficiency and breathability lab tests to examine a variety of cloth masks available on the market, The New York Times (NYT), through its product review website Wirecutter, commended our Elite Plus Hypoallergenic Face Mask with Accessories for its comfortable construction, seamless design, and protective capabilities. 

In an in-depth report, NYT Wirecutter included our very own hypoallergenic mask to their list of favorite and dependable cloth face coverings, bearing witness to the efficiency of our handiwork.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The article first explained that they questioned the effectiveness of the Elite Plus due to its cotton-knit design. However, after running some tests, they were "surprised" that the said mask, made with 100% organic cotton, was able to filter more small airborne particles than others. 

"We doubted the protective capabilities of its perforated-looking fabric, but in fact our lab testing results indicated that, among our favorites tested without a filter, it blocked some of the smallest particles better than most other masks," the article explained, basing their evaluation on real-world fit, comfort testing, scientific filtration-efficiency, and breathability testing.

“Offering easy-to-adjust straps and ample curve-conforming coverage, the mask comes in a two-pack with 10 filters and two sets of cord stoppers. The coverage is generous enough to comfortably cinch over a surgical-style mask, too,” it added, highlighting that the Elite Plus is “constructed with the thick, soft cotton of a favorite tee.” 

Introduced last year, the Elite Plus Hypoallergenic Face Mask with Accessories is made to contain everything you need on a comfortable yet functional face mask—comfortability, protection, and innovation.

It wallows in the softness of 100% organic cotton, allowing wearers to feel safe without triggering their skin sensitivities. It is also enhanced with accessories to adjust the ear loops according to your face contour, staying consistent with the considerations set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

After all, in a sea of masks filled with every imaginable shape, style, and size. We only need one quality cloth mask that is undeniably comfortable, incredibly reliable, equally protective, and remarkably hypoallergenic.  

To know more about its features, you may read our blog here. You may also experience the commendable truth that the New York Times talked about in its article by getting one. Head over to this link to see for yourself why Elite Plus is worthy of its name. 

Owned by The New York Times Company, Wirecutter, formerly known as The Wirecutter, is a product recommendation service website that "obsessively tests and reports on thousands of items each year to recommend the best of everything." Everything that appears on the site as a recommendation has been deemed the best by their writers and editors through their rigorous reporting and testing.

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