Cottonique made me warmer during winter

After I had figured out that I had a latex/spandex allergy I searched and searched to find somewhere where I could buy all cotton products. I was referred to Allergy Canada from someone and was so happy that they sold Cottonique products. My first order was socks. I had not worn socks for 2 years.

Not so great when you live in Canada in the cold winters but it was better than the reactions I was having to the spandex in the socks. I then ordered bras, as I was reacting to the materials and elastics in regular bras. What a relief it was, to finally be comfortable and not have itching, burning and prickly skin! Thank you!

-Suzy Pleshette

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Kay Landry

Kay Landry

I am so glad I came across this thread. I just found out I’m allergic to rubber and spandex and can use any advice on this topic. Comments or tips please

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