„Mir gefällt das Produkt, das ich gekauft habe…“


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I have very sensitive skin and have spent a small fortune twice over looking for bras. These did not work for me. I tried sizes 4-7 slim fit drawsling and pullover and not a single one stayed in place if I raised my arm or hand up. They are soft, nicely made and attractive but simply were oddly sized or did not stay in place. The seams are also not as well made as one might think. Essentially, any cotton bra worn inside out will give you the same result which is something I have done for years. The retuen process is tedious and I ended up spending quite bit of money and since one can only receive store credit, it was useless. I ahve gone back to fruit of the loom cotton sport bras which work very well.
A stellar attempt but in relaity over priced and not well made.
they will work for many but you might want to think twice beofre spening money on an item you will nto be refunded on

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