Cottonique hat mir geholfen, gegen meinen schwächenden Zustand anzukämpfen

Diese eignen sich hervorragend für meine hochempfindliche Haut und weil ich an einer chronischen Schmerzerkrankung namens Interstitielle Zystitis leide. Meine Unterwäsche muss locker, bequem und frei von Zusatzstoffen sein. Sie passen gut, allerdings kaufe ich sie eine Nummer größer als normal, damit ich weniger Kontakt mit meinen empfindlichen Bereichen habe und trage sie auf links, damit nicht alle Nähte direkt meine Haut berühren. Dies ist das beste Produkt für empfindliche Menschen oder Menschen mit interstitieller Zystitis und Vulvodynie.


Schauen Sie sich die Damenunterteile von Cottonique an!


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Caroline Liddell

Caroline Liddell

Catherine is right-unprocessed,organic cotton makes the best underclothes for those of us with interstitial cystitis,as well as any allergies.
My pairs of Cottinique briefs are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn! I loved them so much I bought 4 pairs for my little sister,who also has issues with sensitive skin. Also bought Cottinique’s natural organic cotton men’s boxers for my son,who has battled eczema since infancy. We have tried several brands;all have been soft & well made,but it’s the Cottinique I notice him wearing to lounge around the house in,along with the extra soft organic cotton tees. Sadly, organic cotton isn’t subsidized in the USA,so prices reflect that. Somehow, Cottinique offers a great product that is more affordable than many organic cotton garments-& better yet,they offer unbleached, minimally processed garments!
I try to purchase organic cotton, as the sort of world we want MUST be supported if we want it.
Conventional cotton farming is chemical intensive,(it’s the reason rice grown in the Southern USA has ungodly arsenic levels-yes,even if grown organically!)
See,the arsenic based pesticides used in farming cotton across the South left that arsenic in our soil. Like Roundup & Agent Orange (thanks,Monsanto/Dow)-copper arsenic haunts land for decades.Conventional farming uses toxins that end up back on OUR plates-enough of an argument to sway me even if my family wasn’t afflicted with allergies & autoimmune disorders! Pesticides are in our water,soil,& air.Toxic chemicals even in our clothing,bedding,& household items& STILL our health officials claim to have “no clue” why cancer & other diseases that result from our modern environment have skyrocketed.
Admitting the true cause might cut the profits of the companies that lobby our lawmakers.
They’ll never vote to support organic farming-so WE The People must step up. By supporting green farming practices, we support ourselves. Organically farmed soil even binds carbon!

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