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Cottonique’s 100% Cotton Panties: Silencing the Thunder Down Under


Allergy-Free Panties from Cottonique

Skin allergies a real nuisance, especially in your intimate areas. Rashes, itching, and even flaking skin make for a lot of trouble down under, and it’s as embarrassing as it is uncomfortable. With Cottonique’s 100% organic cotton panties, bikini area allergies are a thing of the past.


What Causes My Allergies?

For many people, all that itching, swelling, and discomfort can attributed to one cause: latex. It keeps underwear elastic, guaranteeing a snug fit and greater resilience, but it also irritates sensitive skin. Latex allergies happen when your immune system overreacts to the presence of certain rubber proteins on your skin. Because these proteins are naturally occurring in latex, there’s no escaping the reaction; as long as the latex makes enough significant contact on your body, your skin will get irritated.

Latex allergies can manifest in a number of ways, all of which you don’t want going on in your pants. In its mildest form, the immune system isn’t even involved – your skin is just sensitive to latex. Your skin gets dry and itchy, and can sometimes flake off like dandruff. Stronger cases of latex allergies can lead to even more troublesome rashes, which in turn can develop into blisters.


Itchy Underwear Allergy

I Don’t Want That in My Underwear! How Do I Stop It?

The problem with allergies, unfortunately, is that they’re mostly genetic in nature. Your system simply reacts this way. There are different forms of therapy that increase your tolerance against allergies, but it’s mostly a matter of increasing your limits.

Imagine your allergies as a barrel, and the irritants like water. When you pour water into the barrel, the barrel gets filled. If you pour for too long, however, the water overflows, and you make a bit of a mess. Allergies work the same way – there’s a limit to how much of an irritant you can take before it messes up your skin. While there are ways to increase the size of your “barrel”, it’s only a matter of time before your limits are reached.

You could, of course, simply stop filling up your barrel. That’s where Cottonique panties come in.


Cottonique Latex-Free Panties

The best way to fend off allergic reactions is to stay away from the irritants altogether. Cottonique’s 100% rubber-free panties are made from pure, organic cotton and nothing else. They don’t undergo any sort of chemical treatment, and absolutely zero synthetic materials are used in the fabric – just good old comfy cotton. You can use Cottonique’s panties for psoriasis, eczema, and other skin irritations without any worry of itching, rashes, and blisters. Use a hypoallergenic detergent when washing them, and you’ll forget you ever had allergies.

Because Cottonique uses the most sophisticated production methods for all its allergy-free panties, the fabric stays as durable and resilient as other brands, but without the need for latex. Everything fits just as it should, and feels even better.

When it comes to comfort, Cottonique panties are the bottom line for your bottom!



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