How to Buy Eco-Friendly Clothing

You know, and clothing made of nylon, acrylic and other synthetic fibers include plastic. They are made from petrochemicals, and some consumer advocates have toxic effects and wearing a plastic fiber. Therefore, artificial silk clothing is the best option because it is composed of cellulose, which are found in plants. However, it is used in the petrochemical industry to break down cellulose, so that can be converted to the line.

You know, are often treated fabric with formaldehyde. The establishment of the order to complete the non-ferrous cotton fabric, they make the explosion nylon. It is best to wash new clothes before wearing to remove the excess to complete. Please note that the wool is naturally resistant to fire. May not respond to sensitivity wool, wool clothes laundering, because it may actually be sensitive with bleach and dyes.

Choose clothes made from natural fibers, but because of the clothes from natural fibers so that it can create adverse environmental impact. For example, the cotton has always been the most polluted natural materials, fungicides and pesticides used to grow cotton. More of the production of organic cotton clothing and environmentally friendly. Organic cotton grown without pesticides, and organic cotton clothing manufacturers are often used in the dye, is less toxic.

Please note that some retailers cloth made of organic cotton mix, along with recycled fiber, such as polyester fibers. Other sales of sandals by a group of foam and recycled rubber.

Looking for clothing made from bamboo. Retailers who sell clothing made from bamboo fibers that are naturally anti-microbial, which means it does not require any chemicals to prevent bacterial growth. In addition, the bamboo grown without pesticides, natural supplement their own.




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