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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Textile Dermatitis

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Textile Dermatitis

Textile dermatitis is what happens when you experience a rash whenever you put on a wool sweater or a pair of jeans. The rashes occur in places of your body that’s covered with the fabric on your clothes and oftentimes the cause of these rashes are the synthetic fibers, dyes or other chemicals that are in the fabric.

The symptoms associated with textile dermatitis are rashes, scaly skin and itchy patches that often occur on the crooks of the arms, back of the knees, armpits, groin area and any part of your body that’s constricted with clothing. Textile dermatitis may be irritating since you’re bound to itch a lot but fortunately there are four simple ways to avoid this allergy.

So just follow the suggestions below and you won’t have to worry about triggering your allergy:

Wear loose clothing

Textile dermatitis often occurs because sweat on your skin gets trapped and they trigger an allergic reaction. In order to avoid this from happening wear clothing that’s not too constricting so that your skin have more room to breathe.

Choose organic clothing

Organic clothing is also good for your skin because it doesn’t have any chemicals that can trigger your allergies and there are no synthetic fibers that can do that as well. The best kind of fabric for your skin is pure organic cotton because its texture is very soft and its fabric is free from chemicals and any synthetic fiber.

Wear light-colored garments

Light-colored garments don’t have too many dyes in it so there aren’t too many chemicals that will touch your skin. You might gawk at this because it would mean you’ll be restricted to purchasing clothes with minimal colors, which can result into a boring closet. If that’s the case be reassured that there are hypoallergenic dyes being sold these days so you can either dye your clothes or purchase clothes with hypoallergenic dyes.

When you see a clothing label that says “wash separately” don’t buy it

Clothes that say “wash separately” means that the fabric is laden with lots of dye and those chemicals can trigger your allergies so avoid them as much as possible. But as mentioned earlier you can opt to purchase clothes with hypoallergenic dyes, although, it would mean you’re going to exert a little more effort in searching for clothes like those.

Avoid clothes with the following labels: “wash and wear”, “permanent press”, “dirt-repellent” and “iron-free”

These clothes also have lots of chemicals in them that can easily trigger your allergies so avoid them as well. By following the suggestions above you can easily avoid triggering your textile dermatitis. But if you’re already suffering from it and the symptoms haven’t abated despite avoiding clothes with synthetic fibers and infused with lots of chemicals consult your doctor about taking antihistamines to alleviate the symptoms.

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If you’re plus sized, you’re generally limited to clothing made out of polyester, spandex, nylon, & rayon. Even the jeans never have more than 50% cotton if they even have that much. Finding something white for plus sizes is also pretty rare, & white clothing is quick & easy to stain.

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