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Why Your Clothes are Becoming Intolerable

Why Your Clothes are Becoming Intolerable

What is intolerable clothing?

For those who are not in the know yet, intolerable clothing is not your usual clothes which makes you uncomfortable like ill-fitting sized items, mismatched scarves and hankies and other clothing accessories, or crazy cut clothes that you haven’t worn yet.  Even if you do not own such clothes, you are probably hoarding several intolerable clothing in your wardrobe.  

Clothing which are made of acrylic, rayon, nylon, and other synthetic fibers are some examples of intolerable clothing.  Even some cotton-made items can be considered as intolerable due to how they were manufactured.

Discomfort while wearing some types of clothes may stem from the fact that these products were already treated heavily with chemicals. It’s why certain individuals have developed different symptoms of chemical sensitivities.
Many commercially sold clothing were exposed to chemicals from farming to processing. Clothes are designed using chemically intensive manufacturing processes. For example, chlorine is used to whiten the fabric, cerium compounds to dye and add color, and other carcinogenic chemicals to weave thousands of strands to create your favorite fabric.  

Aside from chemically infused manufacturing, you are also unwittingly making your clothes intolerable by using cleaning solutions laced with heavy pesticides, chemicals, and other toxins that will penetrate your body and gradually harm different parts of it.  

In view of this, many can also suffer allergy symptoms caused by chemicals in clothes we wear. Fibers and textile which cover our body are not always safe. The toxic overload has led to a medical condition called multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) which is characterized by symptoms from mild to extreme like headache, nausea, memory problems, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, and seizures to name a few.  

How to Deal with Intolerable Clothing

Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the impact of intolerable clothing, if you cannot eliminate it totally.

  • Shift to organic clothing like hemp, bamboo, and cotton for example.  While your favorite nylon spandex combo pants enhance your curves, you are unconsciously making your body like a spring roll ready to be fried in heavy oil.
  • Use only clothes made of low dye or manufactured with fewer chemicals.  This is why you need to check not only food labels but also scour for brands and manufacturers which adhere to strict policies when it comes to manufacturing organic clothing or skin friendly fibers. Even if clothes are worn outside the body, the chemicals used during manufacturing or processing which remain in it will penetrate your skin and travel to different vital organs like the liver and lungs for example.
  • Don’t make the intolerable more intolerable.  And that is to avoid using cleaning solutions that are loaded with dangerous chemicals and toxins.  Why don’t you hum “killing me softly” as a reminder that you should only use light detergent? If it is not gentle on your hands, then it is not gentle to the entire body as well.
  • To avoid suffering from rashes and other allergic reactions as a result of wearing intolerable clothes, use them only sparingly.  For example, attract attention during summer by wearing light colored organic clothing instead of tight fitting spandex shirts that guarantee to make you sweat even if you are not under the scorching heat of the sun.

Intolerable clothes are toxic to the body.  You might not realize it but you are already poisoning or gradually killing yourself with constant use of chemically laden products or those which had undergone similarly chemically induced manufacturing processes to create clothing fabrics like rayon, nylon, spandex, and even non-organic cotton.  Make the great shift to cope with intolerable clothing by keeping these things in mind.

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