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Managing Seasonal Allergies when Exercising Outdoors

Managing Seasonal Allergies when Exercising Outdoors


Exercising outdoor during the cold season might trigger various allergies due to the weather and prevalent allergens in the air, but this should not stop you from working out and keeping fit.


Here are some tips to help you plan and strategize your workout so you don't have to be stuck working out indoors:

  1. Know your allergens. Are you allergic to pollen, molds, or spores? Identify what triggers your allergy and take note of your symptoms for better management.
  2. Check the pollen count. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology has a pollen count tracker for trees, mold, weeds, and grass across the U.S. Also check your local weather forecast and avoid exercising outdoors on dry, warm, and windy days which bring the highest pollen levels.
  3. Time your exercise. Pollen count is highest between 5:00AM and 10:00am, and at dusk, so best to plan your workout outside these hours. If unavoidable, wear a face mask to prevent inhalation of pollen. Wearing sunglasses can also help if your eyes are sensitive to pollen.
  4. Plan your workout accordingly. Pick a workout that is less prone to trigger an allergic symptom, and pick an area with less concentrations of allergens and irritants. You can also opt for a sheltered area outdoors for better protection from allergens.
  5. Take your meds before heading out. If you have a prescription, don’t forget to take it before heading out to lessen the chances of an allergy attack. Also have one ready on-hand in case needed.


For extra measure, Cottonique offers an active lifestyle clothing line so that you won’t need to worry about itching through your exercise routine.

Seasonal allergies need not be a hindrance to your active lifestyle. Just follow these tips and you’ll be breezing through the outdoors in comfort and allergy-free.

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