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6 Essential Skincare Tips You Should Be Doing This Fall

6 Essential Skincare Tips You Should Be Doing This Fall

Don't let the seasons change without reworking your skincare routine. 

As November kicks off, the weather transitions from fun and bright summer to cozy and auburn autumn. However, the weather isn't the only thing that becomes different as the environment also affects the way our skin reacts to temperature changes. 

During summer, the increased humidity in the air helps keep our skin moisturized. But in the cooler months, the barrier that protects the skin gets disrupted due to loss of moisture and dry air, causing skin tightness, dryness, and seasonal breakouts. 

To help repair summer skin and make your skin barrier fortified against the cooler temps and drier air, here are some quick tips to maintain healthy skin this fall. 


Maintaining healthy skin involves regularly cleaning it. After a long tiring day, always purify your skin from dirt, makeup, and other external factors before going to bed by using a facial cleansing gel or foam suitable for your skin type. Always keep in mind to veer away from cleansing products that will only cause allergic reactions on your skin.


The kind of moisturizer that you used during summer may not be enough to keep your skin hydrated this autumn. According to a skincare blog, while light moisturizers are enough for most skin types throughout the summer, heavier moisturizers should be considered when the weather changes. 

As temperatures drop, humidity levels do too. When that happens, our skin loses moisture because of the dry air around us, so it's crucial to use moisturizers to help retain hydration in the skin and prevent moisture loss. 


The secret to a healthy, youthful, and radiant skin lies in proper exfoliation. 

The summer heat has left its mark on our skin, causing discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. After days of enduring the hot and humid weather, there's a high chance that we find our skin jammed with increased sebum production, sweat, dead skin, and oil. 

To remove dull, dry, and discolored dead skin on the surface, do a gentle exfoliation. Aside from that, exfoliation also unclogs, minimizes pores, smoothens the skin, and prepares the skin for optimal absorption of skincare regimens. 


While the UV radiation is most intense during the summertime, it's still present throughout all four seasons, including autumn. Sun protection is a year-round task that everyone must do regularly to prevent premature aging and staining of the skin. To protect your face, neck, and other exposed parts of your skin from the sun's harmful rays, apply sunscreens with high moisture content.


Apart from your regular skincare routine, humidifiers also boost the hydration of your skin. During winter and fall, they add moisture to the air, preventing dryness that can cause skin irritation, dry eyes, nose, lips, and skin. 

Low humidity and cold winds always lead to dry skin. To combat the dryness indoors, plug in a humidifier and put them in places you spend the most time in, such as the living room, bedrooms, or your work-from-home area. 


As the new season brings a change of weather, autumn also calls for adjustments in the closet. When it comes to clothes, comfort is the most important thing to look out for. And for us, nothing gives that maximum comfort other than 100% cotton clothing.

Clothing made from synthetic fibers causes friction and irritation, making it a difficult option to wear when you have skin allergies. On the other hand, cotton garments allow the body to breathe more, reduce perspiration, and ensure skin protection from toxic substances. 

Ultimately, you can never go wrong with clothes that make you comfortable. Try wearing one of our hypoallergenic, all-cotton garments to find out why 100% organic cotton clothing is the perfect clothing choice for you. Check out our collection here, suitable for people with sensitive skin, hidradenitis suppurativa, eczema, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis. 

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